April 19 2002 SmashHit from India
By Pankaj Shukl

Out to prove his mettle as an actor, Salman has signed another film with director KS Adhiyaman. The first film in which they have worked together Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam has taken nearly four years to see the light of the day. Thet now propose to do another film together called Dil Chura Kr Chal Diye. Shilpa Shetty plays the female lead with him in this new project being financed by Bharat Shah. After the failure of Tumko Na Bhool Payenge, Salman has now decided to take responsibility for his decisions and is now signing films with only those directors who he thinks are competent to take his career further.
Love for Salman has taken a back seat. Those who have met him recently vouch for his new avatar. Such is his dedication for cinema now that for a new film which is going to roll out soon, he has even shaved off his hair. Many in Bollywood think that it is his new gimmick to attract media attention. However, Salman known so well for his non-chalant behaviour, has surprised many in the industry recently as he is seen rehearsing a role these days for a film where he will appear in the same get up. The film apparently to be made as a remake of Tamil hit Sethu, is the second film in a row of Salman's attempts to look forward to South Indian directors.
Many are not aware that Salman is sporting a bald look these days. because he is going to play the lead role in a film to be made by producers Nitin Manmohan and Sunil Manchanda. These two have just acquired rights of the Tamil hit Sethu. This film that did stupendous business at the box-office down south starred Vikram and Abitha. The film in question also won National Award as the best regional film in recently held national award function in New Delhi. Salman saw this film recently and was so overtaken by the project that he then and there called some producers that he was ready to do this film if made in Hindi. Nitin Manmohan was among the first to bid for the remake rights of the film and has succeeded. Salman has even allotted dates in bulk to complete the film as early as possible.
Like many contemporary young actors, Salman also feels that it is only down south that filmmakers are more efficient when it comes to make emotionally charged films than the Mumbai filmmakers who are most of the time interested only in making masala movies.
This change in attitude has done Salman some good for sure. Salman Khan may be down these days post-failure of Tumko Na Bhool Payenge, but he is not out. In fact, he is now more involved with cinema than before. No matter what directors, producers and more importantly media thinks of him in Bollywood, but he is certainly a guy who is now out to prove something. He is selecting subjects for his future films on his own. He is also discussing the projects at larges and has no hesitations to even help the producers financially when it comes to striking a favorable deal mutually. And, on the first priority are directors and filmmakers from south. He has his heart open now and has no inhibitions to say that he did love Aishwarya blindly. But, now he wants to move on. He wants to move on like an actor for whom cinema is more important.
There have been several occasions when media has lambasted Salman Khan to get a lead of the magazine or an interesting top-box item for a daily newspaper. But, none of these reports had versions of Salman Khan on the incidents in question.

"But, I do not have any grudges for media in my mind. There is only a section of press that makes me target of their cruel intentions. But, if it makes them earn their bread with some butter let them enjoy it. At least, I am not complaining," said Salman Khan in a recent informal chat.
In another attempt to improve his image, Salman has recently given a plethora of interviews before his last release with Diya and Sushmita. "Life does not end at love. If I love someone that is my personal matter Eand who I love is also my sole discretion. Feelings that emerge from the heart are not controlled by the outside world. If the girl I love is more attached to her parents than me then it only enhances her position in my view. And, my respect for her only increases with this.