Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenge

Previewed by: Rakesh Budhu

Itfs Salman Khan again! 2002 will see the return of many actors and actresses who laid low the past year. gSalluh is one of them. This big budget extravaganza - Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge promises a lot, and with its hot star cast of Sushmita Sen and Diya Mirza doesnft seem like it wonft deliver.
The only downfall may be its uninspiring music by Sajid-Wajid. Never the less, the trailers and promos have all built up a great deal of hype for this project. After moderately successful films like Ishq and Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge, Gordan Tanwani returns now with what is said to be a thriller.

Never Say Die --- Be A Part Of The Race

The film chronicles the tale of two men of two different worlds, Veer and Ali. Veer is a more upbeat and carefree person, whereas Ali is a little bit more secretive and deceptive.

These two opposites meet under extraneous circumstances that you will not forget. One of these men knows the difference between good and bad, knows who he is and who he isnft; knows what is real and what isnft; knows the difference between pain and pleasure. The other embarks and a journey to find out. Instead, they meet each other. With them are Muskaan (Diya Mirza) and Mehek (Sushmita Sen), the love of their lives. Muskaan screams of innocence while Mehek screams of strength.
Salmanfs journey describes gTumko Bhool Na Payengeh; and it is one you wonft forget. After having flashbacks of his past he realizes that there is something wrong with his carefree life. WhatLs more is his flashbacks lead him to become more infuriated and upset at what he will find. Can Muskaan handle the struggle that SalmanLs painful memories will bring up? Get ready this February to gBe A Part of The Raceh, gThe Race Against Time, Against Fatec and the Race Against Lifech YouLll have to be ready for this one!
This is Salman Khanfs most recent project and it has been in the news since it was launched, after all, when does the media fail to speak about Salman and Aishwaryafs relationship? (If you can remember, Aishwarya was asked to do the role Diya Mirza took). From the looks of it, this is one big budget extravaganza with lush locales and costumes! Just check out the pictures and posters in the posters section and you will see what Ifm talking about!