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Salman in Nandy's next
IndiaFM@Dec 31 2002
Another news doing the rounds is that Pritish Nandy is remaking Guru Dutt's classic SAHIB BIBI AUR GHULAM. Although the casting is undecided, Nandy, we're told, has already signed Salman Khan to essay the role that was enacted by Guru Dutt in the classic.
"That's completely true," Nandy confirms, "We're going ahead with the film. But I wish to clarify that we haven't finalized anyone, barring Salman." But Nandy must've surely finalized the director. "No, not yet. Salman asked me the same question ? who'd direct the film? Well, we at PNC [Pritish Nandy Communications] don't work that way. We believe in completing our script and then assigning the reins to the right guy," Nandy adds.
While the details will be finalized by next week, Nandy reveals that the budget of the film is Rs. 25 crores.

Court to hear Salman's plea on Monday!
FILMFARE. online Dec 30 2002
A local court would hear the plea of actor Salman Khan on Monday for return of his vehicle which rammed into a bakery on September 28 killing one person and injuring four others. The vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser, seized by police after the mishap, was inspected by the Regional Transport Authority. Police later discovered that it was not registered in the name of the actor.
Salman has filed an application under section 457 of CrPC urging for the return of the vehicle. Police objected to the return of the vehicle saying it was not registered in the name of Salman but in the name of Mohammed Abdul Rehman Hussainar.
Salman's lawyer H S Anand has claimed earlier that the actor had purchased the vehicle from Mohammed Abdul Rehman but it was not transferred in his name. He said the actor had an agreement to prove his claim.The actor was arrested on September 28 on the charge of killing one person and injuring four others but granted bail the same day. Later, he was re-arrested under a more serious offence, culpable homicide not amounting to murder. He secured bail on October 24.Police alleged that Salman was under the influence of liquor and was driving the vehicle without a licence. The actor, however, denied that he was drunk. In a related development, the court has directed the actor to appear on January 10 when his case would be referred to a sessions court for trial.

Salman Khan: Pay back time!
Filmfare online Nov 25 2002
It was not so long ago that Salman was regarded to be an arrogant brat. But today circumstances seem to have changed him - for the better, close sources say. The attitudes and tantrums of the star seem to have disappeared into oblivion (hope we didn't speak too soon!) gI have learnt to appreciate things a little more,h says the actor who is currently busy shunting between Satish Kaushik's 'Tere Naam' and Punnet Isssar's 'Sanghar'. Coincidentally, both these directors were among the few from the industry who not only openly came out to support the Khan, but were also his daily visitors while in jail. And Salman nows pays 'em back for their loyalty by giving their films priority outta the many others that fill his kitty.

Salman files plea for release of passport
FILMFARE. online Nov 10 2002
The bratty Khan is back to Bollywood after toiling behind the bars for days in the recent hit-and ?run case. Hefs urged the police on Friday to release his passport so that he can travel to Malaysia for a film shoot between November 21 and December 10. There are three songs from his next film eTere Naamf to be shot in Malaysia, that has already been delayed for over an month. While granting bail to Salman, the sessions court had ordered the actor to deposit his passport with the police and take it back whenever he wanted to go abroad for work. Till we know whatfs happening Salman and his producers might as well hold their breath and keep their fingers crossed.

Salman Begins Shooting Again
Filmfare online Nov 9 2002

He's been to hell and back, but not altogether unscathed. And after going through hell he wants to start his career afresh. Salman knows that he can't afford to step into another controversy. A close family friend says that Salman's top priority will be his work now. No wonder after his release he has plunged into his unfinished tasks and wants to complete his backlog. Yesterday was his first day on the sets for Satish Kaushik's 'Tere Naam'. A cool and composed Salman greeted unit members before he went to give his first shot. Life is returning to normal for the boy on the fast lane!

Radiosargam .com@Nov 9 2002

Salman's crossover film will only be made in English!
Hollywood director Willard Carol has announced that his forthcoming movie Marigold will no longer be made in Hindi. The film, which stars Salman Khan, was originally being made in both English and Hindi. However the idea of the Hindi version has now been dumped.
Bollywood fans have been patiently awaiting the name of the Hollywood actress that will star opposite Salman in the big budget flick. Although the name is likely to be released next week, there's a possibility that it isn't an established star, as previously reported by the media. Filming will start next March. Stay tuned to Radio Sargam for more details soonc

Salman wants to quit booze!
After going through the whole ordeal, Salman has learnt the bitter truth of life 'n' come out wiser from his jail experience. Now he wants to forget his past (including Aishwarya Rai) and move ahead. Meanwhile, he also wants to quit booze (we believe that's the real reason for all his evil). "Booze is considered haram in our religion," says Salman. When asked why he doesn't quit it, he replied, "Insha' Allah, I will leave it." No doubt he has learnt his lessons the hard way. But will he keep his promise is the curious question? We'll see..

Salman survives 'Marigold'
Filmfare online Nov 1 2002

His misadventure got him enlisted in the black books of many. And several contemplated on the grave arrears his career graph would ensue in owing to the alleged issue of drunken driving. He was no longer the gthunderh lad. We wondered if the Khan would further survive the Hollywood flick titled 'Marigold.' Talks had it that it would either be Shah Rukh Khan or Akshaye Khanna who would bag this piece of 'gold.' But God decided to be kind and so did filmmaker Willard Caroll, who insists that there's no one who can match the charm Salman possesses. And Sallubhai remains to be a part of this International film.

Salman to begin shooting soon
FILMFARE.COM Oct 26 2002
After a harrowing experience, Salman Khan is all set to begin shooting in a few days. The actor actually came home and waved out to the huge horde of fans standing outside his bungalow to welcome back their favourite actor.
He assured them that he was alright and that he would begin shooting in a few days time. We're sure his producers will be relieved to hear that.

Salman involved in an accident, surrenders before the police. Released on bail
IndiaFM Sep 28@2002

Salman Khan's Land Cruiser ran over four sleeping pavement dwellers near Hotel Neel Sagar at Hill Road in Bandra on Saturday morning. Three seriously injured persons were admitted to the Bhabha hospital while one succumbed to his injuries.
According to the eyewitnesses, the Land Cruiser has been completely destroyed and Salman was also injured in the accident.
Police said a case of rash and negligent driving has been registered against the actor. He has surrendered before the Bandra police and has been released on bail.

  Salman Khan gets bail in car mishap
Filmfare Online Sep 28 2002
Film actor Salman Khan, who rammed his car into a bakery in suburban Bandra killing one person and injuring four others in their sleep in the wee hours of Saturday, has been granted bail after a medical test.
Khan, who surrendered before the Bandra police, was taken to the hospital to verify whether he was under the influence of alcohol while driving, police sources said here.
The actor, who has been booked for death due to negligence, was later brought back to the police station.
The accident occured around 3 am when the actor's Toyota vehicle drove off a road in Mumbai's posh Bandra district, the spokesman said.
"Khan was driving the Toyota. One person died on the spot and the injured have been admitted to the hospital," the spokesman said.
Police said a case of rash and negligent driving has been registered against the actor, who is absconding after the incident. The actor was driving the car along with his friend Jamal Khan and a police body guard, who lodged a complaint at Bandra police station.
The deceased as been identified as Noor-ula-khan.
Khan was recently in the news after he sought police protection following threats from the India's underworld, which is notorious for extorting and threatening the nation's film industry.
Khan and fellow actor Chunkey Pandey also appeared in a Bombay court late last year as witnesses in the long-running case relating to the 1997 murder of film producer Gulshan Kumar.
Salman Khan had been in news recently for his stormy relationship with former Miss World and actress Aishwariya Rai.

  Salmanfs walk on the wild side
Midday Sep 26 2002

Salman Khan at Vikram Phadnisf fashion show
At the recent star-studded debut fashion-show of Vikram Phadnis the select audience were both amazed and amused to see Salman Khan do a comical ebrat-walkf (instead of a cat-walk) on the ramp after being acknowledged by the innovative Bollywood designer.
Curiously enough, just a few minutes before the Khan was summoned on stage, good friend Aishwarya Rai had just walked in as if on cue.
Was it part of the Khanfs positive image building exercise in the wake of his violent outbursts?
Retorted Vikram, gNot at all. It was my humble gesture of showing my gratitude to Salman who has been very loyal to me. In fact, like he was an inspiring guide to Hrithik Roshan, he was my mentor client when he hired me for designing his clothes in Chori Chori Chupke Chupke and Biwi No 1.
Not only that, he even allowed me to design for other rival heroes. Defying the popular impression that he has this calculated obsession for removing his shirt at the drop of a hat, Salman agreed to wear formal suits in Chori Choric and proved that he could look appealing even with his macho body fully clad,h insists Phadnis.

  K.C. BokadiaLs "Dil Churake Chal Diye" Releasing This October  
Indolink Sep 12 2002

K.C. Bokadia had already completed his romance Dil Churake Chal Diye when his long in the making Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam hit cinemas this past May. The film features Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty in a sweet romance.
After post-productions, K.C. Bokadia has commented that he will be realeasing the film this October and has already acquired distributors for his film. The film which is headed in part by Tips Films, who own the rights to the soundtrack, is promised to deliver, says Bokadia, and says that not many films have been focusing on one subject. It has been a while since fans have seen Salman in a true romantic light as well.

With music by Sajid-Wajid, Bokadia may also be hoping that the hype surrounding KhanLs Hollywood film will contribute to that of his film.

  Last schedule for Tere Naam
SCREEN Sep 6 2002
The last schedule for Orion Picturesf maiden venture, Tere Naam commences on September 1 at various locales in Mumbai and Deolali. Produced by Sunil Manchanda and directed by Satish Kaushik, the film stars Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla and has music by Himesh Reshammiyya. It is slated to be released in December 2002.

Salman's all excited
India FM Sep 3 2002
Guess what is Salman Khan hooked on to these days? It's the Satish Kaushik-directed film, launched in May this year. So much so that Salman has allotted bulk dates to complete the film, so that it releases before the year comes to an end. The film, now titled TERE NAAM, is being shot round-the-clock and if things go as per schedule, it will hit the theatres in December this year. And if that happens, it will be the first Salman starrer to be completed within months of its launch.
Bhumika Chawla plays the leading lady of the film, produced by Sunil Manchanda.

 Salman under 24-hour police protection!
Filmfare Online Aug 22 2002
Salman Khan is the latest victim of the underworld. The bratty Khan has been receiving threats for the last couple of days from the underworld. Last week he landed up at the Mumbai police commissioner's office asking protection and also to seek for a new gun license (his gun was confiscated in the infamous black buck hunting case). Following the complaint, the Mumbai police have decided to provide him with 24-hour protection, just like in the case of his brother Sohail Khan, who was given security earlier. According to the Mumbai police, Salman will be followed everywhere by two carbine-totting constables. The protection will be initially for a period of four months after which it will be reviewed. Salman can heave a sigh of relief for sometime!

  Salman Khan in Hollywood Film
Planet Bollywood Aug 17 2002

The not so happening Salman Khan has reportedly signed on the dotted line for a Hollywood film.
The film titled Marigold will be directed by Willard Carrol. Reports are that Gywneth Paltrow will be the female lead, but that is not confirmed. Apparently the film will be shot in both Hindi and English on a large and grand scale. Look for more information as it arives.

Bollywood, Hollywood Bloom for 'Marigold' 
By Cathy Dunkley iWon Aug 16 2002

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Indian actor Salman Khan will star in "Marigold," a musical romantic comedy written and to be directed early next year by U.S. filmmaker Willard Carroll ("Playing by Heart").
The picture, budgeted at under $10 million, will see Khan co-star opposite an as-yet-uncast U.S. actress. Dubbed as a Bollywood-Hollywood collaboration, the project will be shot in both English and Hindi. Filming will take place in Mumbai and the Indian states of Goa and Rajasthan.

"Marigold," which is being touted as the first Hindi-language film made by a U.S. director, is the story of a demanding B-movie actress stranded in India when her latest fly-by-night film is suddenly canceled. Penniless and unable to return home, the desperate actress accepts a role in a gaudy Bollywood production even though she is a terrible dancer. Khan will play her dance instructor Prem.

"The movie-within-a-movie format enables us to do the Bollywood sequences for real and at full strength while still preserving the narrative structure of a mainstream Hollywood entertainment," Carroll said.
Carroll added that he also incorporated many of Khan's suggestions into the final version of the screenplay to add details to the Bollywood sequences and to clarify certain aspects of Indian family life and culture.

"In the past, U.S. productions shooting in India have used the country as an exotic backdrop and a source of inexpensive manpower," said Sidharth Jain, VP of producer Hyperion Pictures India. "This project is different. It's a true co-production; Indians working side by side with Americans. It will be a seamless mixture of what each industry does best."
Khan made his breakthrough in Indian cinema in Sooraj Barjatya's "Maine pyar kiya" (I Have Loved). In subsequent films like the hit "Hum dil de chuke sanam" (I Have Given My Heart to You), the actor has been closely associated with the family-values genre of tuneful romance and celebrations of the traditional Indian joint family that defined mainstream Hindi cinema in the 1990s.

Salman, Arbaaz together again
India FM July 30 2002
The Khan brothers, Salman and Arbaaz, have been teamed once again. The brothers have so far acted in their home-productions, PYAAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA and HELLO BROTHER, besides appearing together for a music video of Sohail Khan's launch pad MAINE DIL TUJHKO DIYA. This year, Arbaaz had also acted in TUMKO NA BHOOL PAAYENGE, starring Salman in the lead. The brothers have now been signed by Cinevista for their new film, SANGHAAR - THE DESTROYER, which will be directed by actor Puneet Issar.
Co-starring Shilpa Shetty, Amrish Puri, Anupam Kher and Ashutosh Rana, the film will go on the floors in December this year and according to Puneet, will be completed within 4-5 months of its launch. Music director Anu Malik has already started work on the songs. However, Puneet denies that the film will tackle the Indo-Pak issue. "This is an entirely different project," he clarifies.

Salman & Arbaaz to endorse MDTD
By Taran Adarsh India FM July 16 2002
Sohail Khan's debut film as an actor, MAINE DIL TUJHKO DIYA, is scheduled for release in August and the entire Khan clan is going all out to ensure that the film is well received by the audiences. The latest is, Sohail's elder brothers, Salman and Arbaaz, have participated in the picturization of a special song of the film, which will be telecast on television channels exclusively.
The song depicts important glimpses of this love story, while Salman and Arbaaz act as narrators, conveying the sequence of events in the film turn by turn. Bhai ho to aise!

Salman Khan has won
the Z Gold-Bollywood Awards !!!!!! July 2002
BEST SENSATIONAL (MALE): Salman Khan for Chori Chori Chupke Chupke

Salman to perform dare-devil stunt at eBollywood Awardsf  
e-bolly com June 27 2002
Salman Khan, voted by ePeoplef magazine, as eOne of the Best Looking Men in the Worldf, will be performing in New York after a long time at the eBollywood Awardsf to be held at the Nassau Coliseum there this week on June 29, 2002. Salman, who will be performing some songs, is expected to do a dare-devil stunt to mark his entry (beating Akshay Kumar to his game, eh!!?). And with his new bald look and newly acquired extra muscles which have added to his super physique, his fans can surely look forward to a lot of excitement (shirt-stripping or no shirt-stripping).
The Khan brat will be joined at the Awards by many more Indian and international celebrities, some of whom will be present to receive their awards and many to perform on stage. A few of the top names who will be there are Fardeen Khan, Urmila Matondkar, Anil Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Saif Ali Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Mahima Chaudhary, Diya Mirza, Arbaaz Khan, Sohail Khan, Tusshar Kapoor, Vasundhara Das, Anupam Kher, Jeetendra, Karan Johar, Vashu Bhagnani and Amrish Puri.
Other international celebrities like Stereo Nation from UK, leading actress Reema and the latest heartthrob Mira from Pakistan, Shakila Zafar from Bangladesh, Rooplal Girdharie and the eAngels Bandf from the Caribbean, Dheeraj and Sukhbir from Dubai-UAE, Steven Seagal's discovery Anjali and the extremely popular eTruth Hurtsf from America will also perform at the Awards.
Organised by the US-based Kamal Dandona (Chairman of the Bollywood Group of Companies) and his daughter Sonia, the eBollywood Awardsf are all about connecting the large Indian community abroad with Indian entertainers.
It can also be noted here that celebrities like Michael Jackson, Richard Gere, Steven Seagal, Sir Andrew Llyod Webber, U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, U.S. Congressman Benjamin Gillman, Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta, Priyanka Chopra, Ismail Merchant, Mira Nair and Shekhar Kapur have been part of the eBollywood Awardsf in the past years.

I went bald, because it was required for one of my films
Tatanova 2002 June
I went bald, because it was required for one of my films. Why is there such a curiousity about me going bald?
I mean, isn't the reason so obvious considering the heat and humidityhere.
Jokes apart, there has been a lot of speculation on why I went bald, especially in the media. Some say, my hair is thinning and I shaved my head bald in the hope that I would get a thicker crop of hair back. Come on, there are other methods to get back your hair, if there is one that is!
I went bald, because it was required for one of my films. The character I play is bald for a part of the movie. However, I am glad I did it. I have never enjoyed summer the way I have this year. I didn't know being bald made the summers easier to bear.

As told to Radhika Singh

Salman-Ash project is on
India FM June 19 2002

Those who thought that Atul Agnihotri's directorial debut, DIL NE JISE APNA KAHA, had been shelved thanks to the Salman Khan ? Aishwarya Rai affair going kaput, are completely off beam. The film is definitely on, Atul tells me. gThey're professionals. Ash is definitely doing my film,h he confirms.
Only, there have been a few changesc
One, the project is no longer a two-hero fare. It may be recalled that Atul was toying with the idea of casting Sohail Khan as the second hero. gBut I've changed the script and it's now a solo-hero film,h he states. So, the story will no longer be that of two officers falling in love with the same woman (PEARL HARBOR).

Two, Universal Music has stepped in the project. gThe film will be presented by Universal, while G.S. Entertainment (Sohail Khan and Bunty Walia's production outfit) will be the executive producers,h he adds.
In the meanwhile, Atul has already recorded two songs for the film (A.R. Rahman) and will roll once Salman's hair grows to the normal size.

Ail, Sanju, Salman teamed

India FM. com 2002 June 11

While on Satish Kaushik, the director has been signed by Boney Kapoor to direct his next venture, which will be a remake of the Tamil film. The film will star Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan in the lead. Remember, you read this news on IndiaFM first!

Salman -Sush: Inseparable pals
B4U June 2002
Rumours are abuzz with the Salman Khan-Sushmita Sen liaison. How the two have become inseparable pals. And how there is something more to their good friendship. We all know how Sush could not even stand him while shooting for Biwi No 1. But after doing the Thums Up ad for which they were air dashed to virgin beaches of Bangkok, Salman Khan and Sushmita Sen felt they had a lot of things in common. Salman even made a point to attend Sush's birthday bash last year. Looks like the "world" is not enough for him, he now wants to take on the "universe" too! Nevertheless, we wish her good luck!

Salman Khan - a true hero

Planet Bollywood 2002 May 9
By Jasmeen Dugal

Although Salman Khan is always in the limelight for his squabbles, fist fights and romantic involvements, there is so much more to him that should be brought to public attention other than his personal life.
Although the hunk prefers discretion when it comes to doing a good deed, word spreads like lightning - the actor was recently spotted in a restaurant spending time with underprivileged children. He reportedly even performed a dance number to entertain the children too - so how come we didnLt read about this aspect of his personality in print?

Salman plays a pop star 
India FM May 1 2002 By Taran Adarsh
Rumour : It's a known fact that you have signed Salman Khan for a guest appearance in LOVE AT TIMES SQUARE. However, the latest news goes that Salman's role is not restricted to a mere guest appearance, but a few scenes as well. If true, could you elaborate on the role?

Dev Anand : Let me tell you that Salman is making an interesting guest appearance in the film. He plays an international pop star. An entire song will be picturised on him, which was rendered by Adnan Sami some time back. Apart from this, he will be seen in a few scenes as well. I plan to erect a special set at Times Square to picturise the song. I am waiting for his hair to grow a bit, which should take a few weeks more, after which I have requested him to allot dates. In fact, the film starts and ends with Salman.

Salman Khan: 'Love At Times Square'?

Filmfare Online 2002 April 20

We aren't gonna 'beat' the drums about his romances out here, just let's get a little professional. Salman Khan has been roped in to doing Dev Anand's 'L.ove At Times Square'. But he doesn't play protagonist in this. We'll be seeing Sallu in a special appearance dancing to the tunes of Adnan Sami in the title song. Wondering how the deal happened? Well, it wasn't a commercial onec Salman signed on the bonds - the bonds of friendship - and then everything happened just like that - on terms of 'goodwill' that the actor shared with both, the veteran, Dev Anand and the singer, Adnan Sami. So there's gonna be a 'little package' of surprise in 'Love At Times Square' for all of us.

Salman: I'm Tabu's Brother!
Film Fair Online 2002 April 10
Salman is hilarious, guys. At a recent award function, he appeared bald wearing earrings in both his ears. He was called on stage to give away the award for best actress, which went to Tabu (for 'Chandni Bar'). As Tabu was not present, Madhur Bhandarkar went to pick it up. Salman made a gesture at him and asked, How close are you to Tabu that you have come to pick up the award? The question from Salman, caught Madhur completely off-guard. Madhur for a second stood still not knowing what to do. He regained his composure and replied, Well, err, I'm the director of the film. Only to be told by Salman, I'm her brother so I will take the award on her behalf. We didn't wait to see what happened next. What a riot our Salu is!
Salman At IIFA Awards


Radio Sagam Com 2002 April 8

The actor shows off his new bold look at the IIFA Awards!Bollywood superstar Salman Khan showed his brand new look at the recent IIFA Awards in Malaysia, where fans finally saw his much-talked-about bald head!It seems the actor was convinced to shave off his hair completely for an exciting role in a forthcoming movie and viewers of the IIFA Awards were the first to peek at the final results.Salman presented an award at the ceremony together with Australian girl group Bardot, who teased him about the hair cut by rubbing his head.Well, after years of shaving off his chest and leg hairs, he was bound to eventually move up to his head!

Salman Khan:Salman Khan: Hairy Problems!?

Film Fair Online 2002 April 7

He's one of the best looking actors in the country. So when he decided to end all his hairy problems, it certainly raised every fair maiden's eyebrow in the country. Apparently, Salman has gone bald and his 'new look' is attracting a lot of attention. Quite a few detractors couldn't help cracking quips about it being another way to impress his lady love. Still others passed cracks claiming that with a fast receding hairline Ethis was the only way of getting rid of all his 'hairy' problems. However, the fact is that the actor has turned bald for a different reason. He's doing a film Ea Tamil remake titled 'Sethu' -- being produced by Nitin Manmohan and Sunil Manchanda. Really a bold decision for a star! Looks like the actor is taking his career seriously!

Diya's frequent trips to Salman's Home
Teenstation Com March 2002
Why is Diya Mirza frequenting to Salman Khan's home? If you are thinking - Diya Mirza's frequent trips to Salman Khan's home are because of her crush on Salman, you are wrong. Apparently she is in love with Sohail Khan's brother-in-law, Bunty. Diya has fallen head over heels in love with him. Insiders insist that they are pretty serious about each other. But question remains - will Diya give up her career for her love? Not that it's going great guns considering her recent flops. Nevertheless, we wish her good luck!

N.Chandra to direct Salman-Ash?

India FM 2002 Feb 19
After STYLE, N. Chandra is back in the running, with fresh projects being planned with the director. Ripples, the makers of YEH TERAA GHAR YEH MERAA GHAR, have signed Chandra for their next venture, which will star Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai in lead roles.
Chandra sounded more than excited when we called to verify the news. gThe film, to be made on a grand scale, will be a remake of a South hit. As far as the casting is concerned, we are in the process of finalizing the names. The producers are negotiating with several artistes and there could be a possibility that they've signed the names in question, although I'm unaware of it,h he divulges. Chandra also adds that they are contemplating making a few changes in the script, keeping the universal appeal in mind.
While on Chandra, we were the first to inform you that he was planning to incorporate a song in STYLE, which was to be included in the prints from the Valentine's Day. But he seems to have aborted the plans. gAccording to my distributors, it's late in the day to add the song as the film has already completed seven weeks. It wouldn't help much, they felt, so I decided to drop the idea,h he asserts.

Tumko Na Bhool Payenga hot among distributors!
Filmfare Online Feb 10 2002
Salman Khan's latest film 'Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenga' is carrying rave reviews. The film is hot among the distributors. After a long time such excitement is seen in the industry for a Salman starrer. 'TKBP' also marks the return of ad-man-turned director Pankaj Parasher, who gave us 'Jalwa', 'Chaalbaaz' and 'Rajkumar'.

The day Salman spoke to the press 2002 Jan 22

After being in the making for more than six years, the music of Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam was officially released at a function in Holiday Inn, Mumbai, on January 21.
The films has six composers: Nadeem-Shravan, Bhappi Lahiri, Nikhil-Vinay, Jaideep and Daboo Malik.
The entire starcast was present at the audio release function. Shah Rukh Khan walked in first, dapper in black shirt, black trousers and black tie. Salman Khan strode in a few minutes later with his brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri. The Khans plopped themselves in the front row.
Madhuri, the female lead, was delayed thanks to a prior commitment and walked in late. The audio release happened in her absence. Apparently, Govinda was to do the honours but he did not attend the function. Amrish Puri, who has been associated with a lot of K C Bokadia films, obliged instead.

Shah Rukh Khan was quite co-operative with the media. But it was Salman Khan who surprised everyone by agreeing to talk: "I am okay with the media but it doesn't take me time to be myself at the next moment," he said, implying his mood fluctuations were not in his control. Though before answering any questions, Salman turned to Shah Rukh to ask him the name of the film.
Madhuri Dixit walked in after the star duo left the function. Dressed in a red bandani sari with lots of gold, she looked like a bride. She was accompanied by her parents and her secretary, Rikku Rakeshnath. She graced the function for ten minutes.
Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam sees Madhuri playing a housewife.
It was a big day for director K S Adiyaman though the film has been in the making for six years. "It will not look jaded and stale. But it is for you to judge," he says. Though he said he hadn't made many changes from the original Tamil film, he said, "I have made changes to match the star's image."
Going by the promos, however, the film seems similar to Aap Ki Kasam, with Shah Rukh playing Rajesh Khanna, Salman playing Sanjeev Kumar and Madhuri playing Mumtaz.

Salman, SRK, Madhuri attend HTHS bash 
India FM 2002 Jan 22
Producer K.C. Bokadia's association with T-Series began in the 1980s with PYAR JHUKTA NAHIN. The producer and the music company gave several hits thereafter, before they went separate ways. But they have joined hands once again for HUM TUMHARE HAIN SANAM, which stars three sought-after names of Bollywood in principal roles.
The three ESalman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit Emade a point to attend the get-together, held on Monday, January 21 at Hotel Holiday Inn, despite their busy schedules. Also present on the occasion were the two financiers of the project ERashesh Shah (son of Bharat Shah) and T.P. Aggarwal (producer of BHARAT BHAGYA VIDHATA).
In a concise speech, SRK said that he was glad that the film had shaped up well and that he was awaiting its release. Salman described his experience of working in the project as fruitful and added that he will always cherish the experience.
But it was simpleton Bokadia's straight-from-the-heart speech that echoed throughout the evening. My company, B.M.B., is going through tough times and I shall eternally be grateful to Salman, Shah Rukh and Madhuri for standing by me in this hour of crisis. Had it not been for them, I would have collapsed completely,Ehe said.
This writer witnessed songs from the film and the impact was indeed mesmerising, with the title track, 'Gale Mein Lal Tie' and 'Taaron Ka Chamakta' being the pick of the lot.
HUM TUMHARE HAIN SANAM has music by Nadeem-Shravan, Nikhil-Vinay, Daboo Malik, Bappi Lahiri, Bali Brahmbhatt and Sajid-Wajid. The film is slated for release in March.

Salman Khan: STAR SCREEN AWARDS 2002

Radio Sagam 2002 Jan 20

The highlights of the event was nevertheless Shammi Kapoor being felicitated with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Salman Khan. The unusual choice of Salman Khan came about because he's the favourite of Neila Devi, Shammi Kapoor's wife who finds a lot of similarities in him and the young Shammi Kapoor in terms of image, attitude and life.
Salman clearly seemed overwhelmed at bestowing an award to a legend, and mumbled something to the effect that "it takes a big heart to quit when you are right at the top. And Shammiji is one of them."

Magic At The Screen Awards 2002
Screen Salmanfs surprising entry was greeted with a flurry of excitement from the assembled lensers. It was surprising because we had kept it a secret. Salman who shuns all shows had agreed, again surprisingly easily, to come to ours and on stage he was a revelation, saluting the gman with a heart with a straight-from-the-heart speechh. gDonft give me any lines because I get nervous when on a public platform,h he had requested and told us that he would say what he wanted.
gI may not even say anything but Ifll be there,h he had reassured us. He kept his word and on stage insisted that the award should be for Lifetime Achievements and not just Lifetime Achievement because Shammiji was a man who was constantly growing and so had become a role model for him. It is interesting that Neela Devi sees a reflection of the younger Shammi Kapoor in Salman today, and never misses any of his films. Shefs there at the theatre on the day a Salman Khan film releases, first day, first show. And it was this confession from the dear lady that had made us think of Salman to present the award to Shammiji, and changed Salmanfs mind about attending an awards show. However, he did make one call to Shammiji to try and persuade him not to accept the Lifetime Achievement Award because gyour life is not over yeth. Thatfs Salman!

Aishwarya-Salman: The Jodi Is Now Official!

FilmFareOnline 2002 Jan 9
It had to happen again folks. The Salman-Aishwarya on-screen pairing, is what we're talking about. After Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' which drew in audiences in hordes, somebody was bound to think of a project starring the duo together again. And this time it's inhouse too. Apparently, Salman's brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri, who is casting the two together, feels that it is better to delay the project. Why? Because Salman recently hurt his hand which is all bandaged up - certainly a no-no where shooting is concerned since the character requires the actor to be in great shape. The film which is titled 'Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha' will also star another hero in the lead - the most likely candidate for the same being Sohail Khan. Should make great viewing, eh?

Salman-Ash flick ready to take off
India FM 2002 Jan 8
You may find this hard to believe, but fitness conscious Salman Khan wonft be touching weights for another six weeks due to an injury on his hand. This has resulted in the slight postponement of the launch of brother-in-law Atul Agnihotrifs directorial debut DIL NE JISE APNA KAHA, which was to have taken off now. gSince Salman has been advised against working out, we have had to postpone the launch by a couple of weeks. His role in my film demands that he look fit and in shape,h Atul tells me.
Meanwhile, there is speculation about the second hero of the film. More recently, there was talk that Arjun Rampal has consented to play the second lead, but the grapevine is abuzz that Sohail Khan will eventually essay the role. gThings had never reached the stage where we finalised Arjun. The options are still open,h Atul states.
Aishwarya Rai is the leading lady of the project that tells the story of two army officers falling in love with the same girl. The story is akin to the 2000 hit PEARL HARBOUR, I ask. gThatfs what some people think. But if you recall, Ifd briefly mentioned the story idea to you much before PEARL HARBOUR had released. There are bound to be comparisons since my film also tells the story of two army officers,h he elucidates.

Salman Khan: Low Key Birthday celebration!

FilmFareOnline 2002 Jan 7
It was the best-kept secret affair of the month. Salman for reason best known to him decided to play down his birthday celebration this time. So the turn out was a low- key affair with only his family and immediate neighbours invited. Unlike previous year the list this time was short and included only his Bandra (suburb where he lives) neighbours like Chunky Pandey and Shah Rukh Khan. Maybe it has something to do with his career. After all last year hits eluded him like plagues!

Promotions Extraordinaire for Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge
Planet Bollywood Jan 4 2002

Gordhan TanwaniLs Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge is slowly become the first highly anticipated big budget film for the year 2002, and with reason. Salman Khan will be seen after a year and both the director and producer have proven that they can make popular films.
So it is no surprise that they are going to extremes to promote the film to the tee. Aside from having its music pick up in the sales department quickly, there will be a large circulation of pictures and posters around cinemas in India and overseas.

Tanwani was asked about SalmanLs last flop Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye, which came before Chori Chori Chupke Chupke Chupke, a film that came skin close to becoming a hit. Tanwani said that one of the reasons that film flopped was becasue there were no promotions for the flick, that is why he is going all out to promote this one.
This would prove quite beneficial to each of the other stars, Sushmita Sen, Diya Mirza and Arbaaz Khan who are all seeking a hit.