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Radio Sagam Dec30 2001

The long awaited movie is finally ready for release!
People were seriously wondering whether this moment in time would ever happen - the promos of Hum Tumare Hain Sanam are out!
The movie has been hugely anticipated because of the amazing star cast - Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai.
The promos feature Shah Rukh and Madhuri together, until another man's hand some into the picture to lure Madhuri away from Shah Rukh. but who does it belong to? (as if we don't know!)

Unfortunately, it has been in the making for years and years, facing constant delays in production - which has affected the anticipation from the audience in a way.
So, lets see whether the wait has been worth it, and Hum Tumare Hain Sanam becomes a monster hit!

Salman-Abhishek: Priyadarshan's New Blue-eyed Boys!
FilmFare Online Dec 19
After giving Sunil Shetty and Akshay Kumar's careers a shot in the arm, Priyan seems to have set his heart on being the saviour of actors who're in the reckoning but not right on top. So he's now latched on to Salman Khan to do a slapstick comedy. For Salman Khan, who has been lying low lately, this could prove to be a boon in disguise. Priyan is known to extract the best from his cast, and Salman's career could certainly do with a rejuvination. Incidentally, Priyadarshan is also said to have signed Abhishek Bachchan for a film. These two certainly seem to be Priyan's new blue-eyed boys! Wonder what Akshay and Sunil think about that?

Aryan's grand b'day party
B4U Dec 17
Shah Rukh Khan celebrated his son's birthday-cum-Christmas with bada dhoom-dham! The venue was his palatial bungalow in Bandstand, Bandra. Huge balloons and festoons adorned the walls while a Santa Claus entertained the children giving away toys and sweets. Amitabh Bachchan, Sanjay Dutt, Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla and many many others made it a point to be there to wish the birthday boy. Sohail Khan and Atul Agnihotri were present with their kids respectively. Guess that's what the new breed is all about well planned and well prepared to a great future, right!

Khan-Rampal conflict
Rediff Com Nov 27

Salman Khan and Arjun Rampal have their swords drawn. Although, there's no plausible reason for the conflict, we hear Khan's ego was to blame.
Salman was keen to launch brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri as a full-fledged director. And was also keen that Aishwarya Rai would star opposite him in the lead. However, the script demanded another hero to play the parallel lead with Salman. The first option obviously was Ajay Devgan but after he turned the offer down, Arjun Rampal was the next choice.
Salman personally discussed the project with Arjun. But Arjun decided that he didn't want to be associated with the film which has hurt Salman's ego.

Priyadarshan to direct Salman 

India FM Nov 27
Priyadarshan is not only starting a film with Shah Rukh Khan, which will be produced by Venus Music Company, but a film with Salman Khan as well. The film in question will also be produced by a music company ET-Series. Incidentally, T-Series has plans of starting two more projects in the near future.
The first will be directed by Anubhav (TUM BIN) Sinha and the second by Sanjay F. Gupta, who had directed the 'Kambakht Ishq' song in PYAAR TUNE KYA KIYA. There's a project with Vikram Bhatt as well, although it's in the negotiation stages at the moment.
While on the SRK EPriyadarshan project, Ratan Jain, the producer of the film, has informed me that the launch of the film will be postponed by two months. The film was to be launched in December, but will now be launched in February next year.

Salman Khan: Guest Of Honour!
FilmFare Online Nov 23

At the recent music launch of Mehul Kumar's 'Kitne Door Kitne Paas' starring Fardeen Khan and newcomer Amrita Arora, Sallu bhai was the guest of honour. The floor was flooded with the Khan's family, from Arbaaz-Malaika to bro-in-law Atul Agnihotri with wife. The Khan was his low profile self, as he always is in events such as these. But his bright yellow shirt and unpredictable self-sure made a difference to the humid ambience.

Kargil inspires filmmakers to rake in moolah
Planet Bollywood Nov 23

JP Dutta is all set to shoot his forthcoming film Tiger Hill. Most of the film will be shot in Ladakh and according to industry sources, the filmmaker has already got clearance from the defence forces. Not only that, Dutta has also managed to get permission to shoot Tiger Hill in some sensitive areas. The cast includes Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, Jackie Shroff, Abhishek Bachchan, Sunil Shetty, Saif Ali Khan, Akshaye Khanna, Arbaaz & Salman Khan! Whew!
Meanwhile, Aamir Raza Husain, the man who directed a play based on Kargil titled Forty Day War has been signed by Jhamu Sughand to direct Lakeer which again is based on the Kargil war.


Radiosagam Com@Nov 17

The duo want to become partners in production company.
After working together so many times in the past, it looks like the relationship between actor Salman Khan and director David Dhawan is still strong.
The duo will soon be coming together for the movie 'Yeh Hai Jalwa', the trailer to which Radio Sargam put online yesterday to a great response from fans.

Now Salman and David are taking the next step in their careers - it looks like they plan to start a production company together as partners very soon.
They have actually been planning this for as while now, but their hectic schedules have meant there has been no time to confirm everything.
However, insiders say that Salman and David have talked about it again recently, and are determined to make it happen this time around.

Salman & Sanjay: Brotherly Love!
Cineblitz Oct
Sanjay Dutt is acting for free in Sohail Khan's debut film. Salman approached Sanjay Dutt to do a role in brother Sohail's film and not only did Sanjay agree but he refused to be paid. Why? "You're like my brother yaar, and that makes Sohail my brother, too!" said Sanjay to an overwhelmed Salman. That's one beautiful friendship!

 Salman spends time with disabled children in Jaipur
2001 July 19 NDTV
Bollywood star Salman Khan currently shooting for his forthcoming film in Jaipur won the hearts of disabled children in the city. Salman spent a memorable evening where he thrilled these special children by singing and dancing with them and by promising to hold a charity show of his film Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenge for the institute training these children. Salman displayed a side of his personality, which has rarely been seen.
Despite the hectic shooting schedule of his forthcoming film Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenge Salman Khan spent a long time to cheer up these special children. These children are students of Prayaas, an institute that strives to enable mentally and physically disabled children to lead a life of dignity. Children at this institute are also given vocational training to make them self-reliant. Salman was clearly impressed by the self-confidence of these children. "I was dumbstruck when I met them. I have never seen so much of joy, and so much confidence. Even I don't have this kind of confidence. Today God has put me where I am but when I walked into this room, I was taken aback, I did not know how to react to all this. It was so beautiful and so wonderful, " expressed, Salman.
In celebration of the 5th anniversary of this institution Salman also cut a cake for the children and delighted them by dancing and singing with them. "They have one too many problems. There is poverty, speech problems and they are all slow. However, in spite of all that they were singing my songs, which even I don't know although when we do a song in a movie we hear it a hundred times. This is something really special", said, Salman.
Besides giving joy and affection to these kids Salman has also decided to hold a special charity show of Tum Ko Na Bhool Payenge to help them. And if people at large start recognizing the ability behind the disabilities of these children, integrating them with the mainstream of society is unlikely to remain an impossible dream.

Ash, Salman, Chiranjeevi, Rahman and Jean Claude Van Damme for Hollywood caper
2001 July 6

Return of the Thief of Baghdad, a $ 10 million sequel to Alexander Korda's 1940 Oscar winner The Thief of Baghdad will star Jean Claude Van Damme, Aishwarya Rai, Salman Khan and Southern star Chiranjeevi.
The film will be directed by Slovakian born filmmaker and anthropologist, Douchan Gersi and its music director will be our very own A R Rahman.
Chiranjeevi is to don on the cape of Abu -- the thief, while Aishwarya is to be Princess Reshma.

Salman assaults mediapersons, gets himself hurt   
2001 May 17 India FM@
Salman Khan assaulted members from the press outside the Enforcement Directorate office on Wednesday evening after he was summoned for questioning in connection with the underworld investigations.
When Salman stepped out of the office, he was mobbed by the waiting media who demanded a statement on his appearance. Salman got furious and started abusing and kicking the photographers.
He managed to get into his car, but the media refused to let him go following which he indulged in a physical fight again and got himself hurt.
An official police complaint will be filed against Salman Khan by the media.
This article is not true,
One man who lives in India and saw the clips of the video they showed on TV news and knew what happened.
Salman was coming out of the office and then all the media people rushed towards him. He didn't notice, kept walking straight.
Then suddenly, someone from the media behind him shoved real hard at him and this turned off Salman.He was really upset and angry. And he then just pushed people away from his path. He didn't kick or punch anyone.

T-Series sign Salman
2001 May 3 India FM
T-Series is back in the arena! With TUM BIN, their new production, T-Series has stepped in the production arena after a sabbatical. The company has signed Salman Khan for its new project, which will be co-produced by Vijay (AJNABEE) Galani and directed by Priyadarshan. Incidentally, Salman and Priyan will be working together for the first time.
The second project T-Series is planning to start will star Aftab Shivdasani and Jimmy Shergill. Sanjay F. Gupta, director of the immensely successful eKambakht Ishq?Esong from PYAAR TUNE KYA KIYA, will direct the film.
gWe are planning to take each step systematically,?EKrishan Kumar tells me, after confirming details of the two project. Meanwhile, the music of TUM BIN was released at the Sai Baba temple in Juhu on May 2 with a simple pooja ceremony.

Salman Khan: Keeping Tabs!  
2001 April 22@Filmfare Online
Guess what Salman's latest love is, guys. No, we're not talking of a certain actress here. It's more on a different 'line'. On line, that is. The Internet. Yep, the hunk was recently seen busy surfing the web for all and any items/sites on himself. Now that's a change - can't say whether it's for the better or worse though. With this particular Khan, you never know!


Screen India com 2001 April 18

Hero in Blue JeansHE turned up in characteristic gear, red cap placed jauntily on the head, and a black neckless t-shirt worn casually over a blue pair of jeans. Well, never mind it was a formal event he was to inaugurate, but a starfs surely entitled to his dress code, donft you reckon? SALMAN KHAN was in his elements at the launch of Phase II of Bajaj Institute of Learningfs vocational training facilities for the disabled, though. The second phase offers free vocational training for the hearing impaired. As goodwill ambassador for the institute, Salman was all praise for the spunk its students had shown in facing up to their handicap. gThe biggest problems some of us will ever encounter involve getting caught up in a traffic jam, or having the director preventing us from leaving early to attend an event such as this. But imagine going through life without the gift of hearing, and yet remaining cheerful and brave. The students of this institute deserve to be commended, and the institute deserves our support, even if that means having to delve into our pockets to offer relief,h said Salman, to a deafening applause.

Gordhan to present Salman's home production? 
2001 April 10 India FM
We were the first to announce that Salman Khan had turned producer and was planning to produce a film, with Pankaj Parashar as director. The latest on this project is that Gordhan Tanwani will present the film. "I am seriously considering the idea of presenting the film. For all you know, I may even produce it," Tanwani informed us when we asked him about it.

It may be remembered that Tanwani's last film was also a Salman starrer -- DULHAN HUM LE JAYENGE -- so it is not surprising that he has chosen to present this film.

A Case of Chori Chupke
2001 April Asian Express
Salman's Bare Chest: A Case of Chori Chupke
Salman's 'girlie attraction ratings' seem to have fallen ever since his latest release 'Chori Chori Chupke Chupke'. What could be worse for the Bollywood hearthrob, who is known for his rippling muscles and bare chest, than not showing off his popular assets! Salman has been caught well covered and hidden in his latest venture with Rani and Preity Zinta, and has left the audiences rather disappointed.
In fact this sudden change has given rise to speculations by the industry watchers, whether this is a well thought out long-term change in image by the hulking hero, or an exception to the rule, where our dear Sallu is suffering from temporary bouts of soberness, after a string of bare-chested sequences in previous movies.
It has also got the punters guessing about the demands of a certain blue-eyed beauty! Aishwarya after all wouldn't like her man to go flaunting his body for the rest of the world to see! Well it is most unlikely that 'Mr. Stunner' is about to hide his 'powerful pectorals' and 'adrenalin abs', but all the same it won't hurt him to do a round of shirt shopping and maybe a certain Miss World would lend a helping hand!
All of these are nothing but wild guesses in the hot air, so it may very simply be a case of the director duo Abbas-Mustaan, thinking that a bare-chested sequence wouldn't fit into the film. So audiences out there don't lose your cool and 'Keep your shirt on!'.

Sal-Ash to set screen on fire again!
2001 April 9 Filmfare Online
All In The Good Looking Family:
The Salman-Aishwarya pairing is finally official folks. As you already know. But wait. Don't jump to conclusions just yet. It's just that they've said to have signed a film called 'Dil Ne Jise Apna Kaha' together.
And the maker is none other than Salman's brother-in-law and actor Atul Agnihotri, who is donning the directorial cap. And who better to star opposite him than his 'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam' co-star Aishwarya Rai? After all, with the pairing proving so successful earlier, it was only a matter of time before the duo would team up once again, to ignite the silverscreen with their sizzling chemistry.
As if that wasn't enough, Atul has also decided to rope in Salman's brother, director Sohail Khan as the second hero. After making films like 'Auzaar', 'Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya' and 'Hello Brother', Sohail is now trying his emoting skills before the camera for a change. He is also starring in another film, associate Bunty Walia's 'Maine Dil Tujhko Diya' opposite Sameera Reddy. Apparently, Atul had approached the likes of Shah Rukh and Hrithik but they couldn't give him the required dates. So their loss is now Sohail's gain.
News is that since the film is based on an army background, Atul is currently seeking permission to shoot within army premises. The storyline apparently is about two friends who fall in love with the same girl. A.R. Rahman will compose the music and the cast will also include Om Puri and Rati Agnihotri.
But inspite of all the ingredients to make a hit, Atul isn't sitting pretty. "Yes, it is true that I have signed Salman and Aishwarya for the film. And the film should go on the floors sometime in November. I am very involved right now." The actor-turned-director has already completed the script. Now let's see if he can repeat the magic of the pairing once again. We wish him all the best, though we can't see how he can go wrong with such a great looking cast.

Salman Khan: Brawn to Brain!
2001 April 2 FilmfareOnline
After all those shirtless antics on screen, Salman is eyeing ehigherf ground. Apparently, the actor has now planted his sights on production. If news is to be believed, the Khan had earlier signed Kailash Surendranath to direct his first production. If you remember, Kailashfs own film eLove You Hameshaf is all set to release soon. However, the latest is that Kailash is out and the groovy Khan has opted for Pankaj Parashar (of eChaalbaazf and eRaajkumarf fame) instead. Moreover, Sallu isnft wasting any time either. The film is all set to be launched in May. Is he starring in it? Hold your horses there. And your shirts. Thatfs a secret. But keep checking this space. After all, isnft it funny how these well-kept starry secrets have a tendency to leak out hereconly on Filmfare Online?

Salman, Sohail & Ash Come Together!
2001 April 3 India FM
This writer was the first to break the news that actor Atul Agnihotri had turned director and brohter-in-law Salman Khan would star in the film. But not many are aware that Atul had great difficulty in finalising the second hero for the project. From Shahrukh to Hrithik everyone Atul approached he got the same reply-no dates.
But Atul has finally selected the second hero for the project-it's none other than Sohail Khan. Yes folks, brothers Salman and Sohail will come face to face in jija Atul's debut vehicle titled DIL NE JISE APNA KAHA. An excited Atul tells me that he has already completed the script of the film and is now taking the necessary permissions from the army to shoot within the army premises.
DIL NE JISE APNA KAHA tells the story of two friends who fall in love with the same girl. One is an orphan (Salman), while the other is an army officer's son(Sohail). The film moves on two tracks simultaneously-their friendship and the love interest, Atul sums up the plot of the film. Atul has more surprises up his sleeve.
He has signed Aishwarya Rai to play the leading lady, while A.R. Rehman will compose the music. The supporting cast included Om Puri and Atul's cousin Rati Agnihotri.
To be produced by G.S. Entertainment (Bunty Walia, Sohail Khan), DIL NE JISE APNA KAHA will go before the camera in November/December this year.

Salman Khan has turned producer
2001 March 27 India FM
Speculation is rife within the film industry that Salman Khan has turned producer. Though brother Sohail Khan together with friend Bunty Walia had launched G.S. Entertainments, which produced PYAAR KIYA TO DARNA KYA and HELLO BROTHER, it was a foregone conclusion that Salman would feature in every film produced by his brother.
But there has been a change! With Sohail turning actor with MAINE DIL TUJHKO DIYA, G.S. Entertainments is occupied with the production of this film. Which is exactly the reason why Salman felt the need to branch out.
News goes that Salman had initially signed Kailash Surendranath (LOVE YOU HAMESHA) to direct the film, but now Pankaj Parashar (CHALBAAZ, RAAJKUMAR) has stepped in his shoes.
gI have no idea about Salmanfs project. I cannot comment on this film. We are too occupied with MAINE DIL TUJHKO DIYA at the moment,h Bunty Walia clarified on this development.
But we restless souls decided to probe further and spoke to Sohail Khan about Salmanfs project and who confirmed that Salman was indeed starting a film. gSince Sajid Nadiadwala wasnft starting his film right away and our unit was deep-neck into MAINE DIL TUJHKO DIYA, Salman asked me whether he could use Sajidfs team to handle the production. I said, why not! In any case, itfs the question of using manpower to execute a project,h Sohail revealed.
Salmanfs project is all set to roll on May 1.

Salman Khan: Hello Brother!

2001 Feb 22 Filmfareonline
Everyone was skeptical about Salman's presence in Goa. Some say that Ash and he will be giving a special appearance in bro Sohail's 'Maine Dil Tujhko Diya,' starring Sohail and Sameera Reddy. But there are other sources that go out to explain that the hunk was there to shoot for a 'Thums Up' commercial, and as bro was shooting in a distance that would not be considered 'far' by any standards, he just decided to drop in. Well, whatever the case, it's best to leave each to his own. Get a life people, and let the stars enjoy theirs. Right Sallu?

Special screening of CCCC for top cops
2001 March 8 The Times of India

The top brass of Bombay police, including Crime Branch officials, viewed the controversial film, Chori Chori Chupke Chupke, at a special screening at Bombay's Eros Preview Theatre on March 7, at 1800 hours.
The screening was organised by the director duo Abbas-Mustan and Santosh Singh Jain, who is the court receiver appointed in the matter of the release of the film.Reportedly, the duo wanted to show the police that while there may be doubts over the kind of finance used in making the movie, there was nothing objectionable in the film itself.
About the special screening, Santosh Singh Jain said, "We had promised to hold a special show for the police earlier. We are only fulfilling that promise."
Meanwhile, over 300 prints of the film (out of which, approximately 90 are for the Overseas territory) have already been delivered for the release on March 9.

CCCC fetches Rs 150 million before release
2001 March 8 Rediff com

Controversial film Chori Chori Chupke Chupke has already fetched Rs 150 million from the sale of distribution and audio-video rights, a day before its world-wide release on March 9.
The negatives of the film were seized by police after the arrest of its producer Nasim Rizvi in a case of alleged Bollywood-underworld nexus.
Bharat Shah, who had financed the film for Rs 120 million, was arrested in January.
The film is being released the world over in keeping the directives of the court. Both Rizvi and Shah are still lodged in judicial custody.

Altogether 89 prints have been procured by overseas distributors for the film's release in Gulf countries, Europe, USA and UK, according to the court receiver, Santosh Singh Jain, who was appointed by the court to release and distribute the film world wide. 54 prints had been distributed in Bombay, while 51 prints were handed over to the distributors in New Delhi.
Jain also said that Shah had collected Rs 4.50 million when the film was under production. After his appointment as the court receiver on February 12, he had collected Rs 10.50 million. Another Rs 40 million is yet to come from the satellite television channels, he added.
Both Shah and Rizvi had staked their claim on the movie saying they alone had the right to release the film. The court, however, appointed Jain to release the film.
After the trial, the court will decide who is the real claimant and give him the film's collections.


Film stars bowl cricketers over in benefit match for Kutch victims

2001 Feb 28 Indiya com
Sunil Shetty sure lives up to his nice guy image. The who's who of the industry turned up at the CCI (Cricket Club Of India) solely for the Shetty. A charity cricket match organised by Popcorn Entertainment for earthquake relief (for the Save The Children trust run by Vipula Kadri, Sunil's mom-in-law). The turn out comprised of almost the entire industry.
"It's for a cause I strongly believe in. It comes straight from the heart." Sunil was at his emotional best at the event. Gorgeous wife Mana glowed in an ethnic ensemble and was busy entertaining Ayesha Shroff and Rhea Pillai. Sunil, of course, stuck to his buddies Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff. Even one-time archrival Akshay Kumar flashed that gummy grin and went into raptures about Sunil.
The match started late, but went off like a dream. There were two semi-finals of ten overs each, and then the final. In the semi-finals, Raveena Tandon bowled like a pro, while wonder kid Sachin Tendulkar batted away. Saurav Ganguly got all the raves - only everybody was raving about his relationship with Nagma. Rahul Dravid had all the pretty young things chasing him for autographs.
All eyes were on Sanjay Dutt when he walked into the stadium (minus that beard he had grown for Mahesh Manjrekar's Pitah), but the deadly Dutt had eyes only for Rhea. Just like Salman Khan, who was glued to girlfriend Aishwarya. Sallu was undeniably the scene-stealer of the evening. He actually did a cute li'l jig right in the middle of the evening even to the extent of falling at the umpire's feet.
The female populace wanted the Khan with his shirt off, but for once, Sallu didn't comply. After all, Ash was around. The other Khan, Aamir, with his miniature goatee, looked hip. And shot straight from the lip. When asked about the match, Aamir grinned: "We are here to give Sachin and company a tough fight." And boy, did they! Even as Jackie Shroff, Sunju Dutt and company cheered for Aamir, Aftab Shivdasani, Arjun Ramphal, Jimmy Shergill, Sanjay Suri, Sharad Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Namrata Shirodkar, Mahima Chaudhary, Preeti Jhangiani, Kim Sharma, Diya Mirza accompanied by Anupam Kher, Shekhar Suman, Aditya Panscholi, et al.
The comperes, Javed Jaffrey, Asrani and the inimitable Johny Lever kept the audience in splits. Mahesh Manjrekar's ponytail was the main topic of discussion. At one point, Asrani did go overboard by making an uncharitable remark about Aditya Panscholi, that too at a charitable occasion. He tittered: "Ladkiyan bhaago, Aditya Panscholi aa raha hai." Aditya, of course, didn't find it funny. Neither did the audience. Panscholi played his angry young man part till Asrani apologised. After that, all was well again.
The icing on the cake was most definitely the visiting Australian team, what with Steve Waugh, Ricky Ponting, Greg Mathews, Shane Warne, Glenn McGarth and Kim Hughes gracing the occasion. Sri Lankan cricketer Roshan Mahanama also made a mark.
The highlight of the evening was Amitabh Bachchan's speech, where the Big B passed off Shatrughan Sinha as his senior. While Bachchan's favourite senior Dilip Kumar held the audience enthralled with his polished diction. Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh and Deputy Chief Minister Chagan Bhujbal did their bit for the noble cause.
The grand finale was the auction ceremony, where a swanky car (especially autographed by the celebs), was auctioned off at an unbelievable rate. Javed Jaffrey and Shekhar Suman were at their funny best even as the show came to a close. They sportingly declared Raveena Tandon the man of the match.
Though the real man of the match was Sunil Shetty, who went out of his way to make everybody comfortable. When Rhea Pillai and Ayesha Shroff asked him why he was not playing, Shetty quipped, pokerfaced: "I'm the spot boy here. Let the stars play." They sure did.

On why Hrithik Roshan is ever grateful to Salman!

2001 Feb 27 B4U
. Have you ever wondered why Hrithik expresses his gratitude to Salman at every award function? Well, apart from the fact that they are great friends, Hrithik feels he owes his success to Salman. It all began when Hrithik would assist father Rakesh Roshan to the sets of Karan Arjun. It was Salman who helped him to develop that sexy physique. He was also the first to shoot Hrithik! With a camera that is! In fact Sallu has shot all the pictures the aam janta got to see of Hrithik in the press initially. Talking about photography, Hrithik Roshan is passionately interested in it and has captured all the important events of his life in camera since the age of 12! This is one treasured collection he'd rather not part with!

Salman bares, Aryan dares, Shah Rukh scares at the Jeevan Jyot show

2001 Feb 27 Indiya com

All roads led to Andheri Sports Complex on February 18. It was another charity show for the earthquake relief fund. Only this one had half the industry turning up without a murmur. The other half comprised, among others, Hrithik Roshan, who begged off at the last minute. Reason? Duggu was ill. Well, if he was, he didn't look it the previous day at the Filmfare Awards function. But then, when you are Hrithik Roshan, sab kuch chalta hai.
Other mere mortals like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Sunil Shetty, Raveena Tandon, Aishwarya Rai, Pooja Batra, Sonali Bendre, Jackie Shroff et al turned up at the dot. And, why not? After all veterans like Pahlaj Nihalani and Shatrughan Sinha were at the helm of things.
Shabana Azmi had the audience enraptured with her carefully tutored speech. But trust Amitabh Bachchan to bring the house down the minute he walked on stage. Sunil Shetty grinned, "He's God", even as Sanjay Dutt and Jackie Shroff nodded their heads in unison. Backstage, Sunil, Sunju and Jaggu formed a formidable team. The macho men happily posed for pictures and couldn't stop raving about each other.

While Salman Khan couldn't stop ranting about, who else but, Aishwarya Rai? Sallu made the cutest sight, roaming around topless as usual, cheering for Ash. The moment Ms Rai started her medley, Salman clapped like a schoolboy. Soon Sallu's entire coterie was whistling away to glory.
Ash was not the only one everybody was cheering for. Backstage, there was another Khan lapping up all the attention. Nope, not Shah Rukh, but Shah junior, Aryan. Who believe it or not, took off his shirt, every time Salman would take off his. Papa Shah Rukh was too funny even as he warned Aryan: "Don't do that or else I'll call Salman to spank you." But, to no avail. True blue entertainer Aryan was at it.
Aryan is more fun than a barrel of monkeys and Shah Rukh put together. A chip off the old block? Obviously.


2001 Feb 24 Indiya com
Chori Chori Chupke Chupke will finally see the light of the day on March 9. According to Salman's dad Salim Khan, it is Sallu's best performance to date. Preity Zinta and Rani Mukherjee, of course, are beaming from ear to ear. No more chakkars to the police station!
Meanwhile, Salman Khan has signed an out-and-out comedy venture with Kundan Shah. Khan is out to prove his acting abilities with a vengeance.

Salman Khan: Shedding Image Along With Clothes !

2001 Feb 20 Filmfareonline
Tried of playing romantic hero in films after films Salman Khan is all set to shed his image of that of a good guy. Salman will try his hand in first ever negative role in his home production to be directed by E.Niwas ( of Shool fame). Tongues started wagging recently when director E Niwas was abruptly removed from the project by Sohail Khan. He was replaced by ace ad maker Kailash Surendranath, who makes his debut as film director with 'Love You Hamesha'. But sources close to the Khans now confirm that E-Niwas is back with the project, while Kailash has been roped in to direct two other different projects. Seems like the Khans are on a roll!

Salman's medical problem

2001 Feb 7 Teenstation
Talking about Salman, he is one person who has been running around a lot these days as well. No baba, he is not rushing for film shoots, he seems to be having some health-related problems these days. Sources close to his family reveal that the star had not been keeping in the best of health and that quite a few doctors frequent his home often. As a matter of fact, he has just rushed to the United States for treating himself. But what is he suffering from? Well, no news about that. Everyone seems to be tight-lipped on that matter. Watch this space for more

Salman-Sajid: A Winning Combo!

2001 Feb 4 Filmfareonline
Producer Sajidnadiadwala and macho Salman sure have something to celebrate about. While Salmanfs stars seem to be shinning brighter than ever, what with the fairer sex just not getting enough of his oodles of bulging muscles and good looks, Sajid is laughing all the way to the bank. The latterfs latest offering eHar Dil Jo Pyar Karegaf recently celebrated its silver jubilee run and looks all set to go much future. Considering that this is his third successive silver jubilee film, the first two hits being eJeetf and eJudwaf, theyfve sure scored a hat-trick. Need we say they have a winning team here. And you can bet that they will surely ecashf in on it in the future.

Court frames charges against Salman Khan
2001 Jan 28 Times of India
JODHPUR: A local court on Saturday framed charges against film actor Salman Khan for allegedly poaching protected wild animals using illegal arms.
Jodhpur judicial magistrate Ajay Singh framed the charges against Salman, who was present in the court under the Arms Act thus formally launching prosecution against the accused in the case of hunting two black bucks near Moja Kankani in Luni Tehsil of Jodhpur district in October 1998.
The Bollywood star, who is on bail, pleaded not guilty.
Later, Salman's counsel Hastimal Saraswat moved two applications, one seeking leave from personal appearance of Salman on regular hearings of the case and the other permission for him to go abroad.
The magistrate ordered that the two applications would be taken up on January 29.
Two other cases against him for poaching, registered with Mathania police station, were also listed for hearing in the court of chief judicial magistrate on Saturday. But they were posted for March 15 next as the judge was on leave.
The prosecution case is that Salman Khan, along with cine actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Tabu, Sonali Bendre and Neelam, allegedly hunted two wild bucks when they were on a pleasure hunting trip while shooting for Rajshree Productions' 'Hum Saath Saath Hain' here. Salman was found possessing a pistol and a rifle, the licences of which were expired.
He was arrested in October 1998 in connection with these cases and remained behind bars for six days before getting bail. (PTI)

Ford Super Model Contest

2001 Jan India Today
At the Ford Super Model of the World 2000 Contest held in Mumbai, six of the 18 participants were from Bangalore. Judges included UK supermodel Gail Hutchinson, British model and actress Helen Fairbrother and actors Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan. The evening's other highlight: Bollywood damsels Pooja Batra and Suman Ranganathan.
The snag: "Sallu" and "Sanju" were so busy signing autographs that they had a problem collating points.