1999 Salman News

Karisma-Salman-Raveena: Show Time!

1999 Dec 14 Filmfare Online

With the extra frequency of all our shows abroad getting the expected lukewarm response, it was time the stars went slow at shows. but not smart Salman. He decided to turn to India itself to give us a taste of what he's capable of on Indian shores. So, along with Karisma and Raveena, a show was organised in Hyderabad. And guess what, it was a smash hit. In fact Slas can't stop gloating ever since. What fun. The brawny lad has plenty of brains too after all.

Salman: No Problems With Sooraj! 

1999 Dec 10 Filmfare Online
All those who were proclaiming that Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya had had some irreconcilable differences and would never work with each other again, get ready to eat dirt (and their words). Apparently, for Sooraj's next film, Sals has been shortlisted yet again as one of the leads. This time Sooraj plans not to take too long to launch his next and he's already onto the scripting, etc. We hear that he's also been negotiating with Salman on the subject. Egg on the face of all the 'alarmists'? Yeah. Rotten ones too.

Subhash Ghai-Salman Khan: Buddies Again?

1999 Dec 10  Digital Hindstan Times
The last time Subhash Ghai and Salman Khan had met at a party, it hadn't exactly been a joyous union. But now at the cassette release of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, the two met with such warm hugs and smiles that it took everyone by surprise. In fact, all evening, the duo remained glued to each other for over three hours. Laughing, joking, having dinner and even talking seriously. It did give rise to much speculation that Subbi might be considering Sals too for his next. The Showman sure loves to keep people guessing, now doesn't he?

Salman Khan: desi Bond with biceps? 

1999 Dec 9 Digital Hindustan Times
So okay, Salman Khan stands among the 10 sexiest men in the world - at least he did a few years ago, as a global survey would have us believe. But it seems that the fact, along with all the liberal footage he gets in the media gossip columns for his casanova escapades, has certainly fired up Chhotu Khan's imagination. Why else would it suddenly crop into his brain to play James Bond? Yessir! A bug told us so. Salman is reportedly so smitten by Pierce Brosnan's antics in the latest Bond thriller, The World Is Not Enough, that he has taken it on himself to play a Mumbaiyya 007.
The film on the anvil will feature all those hi-fi gadgets, flashy cars and - yes, of course - star at least four sexy models as our desi bond's babes. Sallu boy had better know what he is doing. The last time he tried to Indianise a phoren idea by playing the spook in brother Sohail's Hello Brother, it was the audience who vanished from the theatres!

Salman Khan: The 'Bond' Is Not Enough!

1999 Dec 7 Film Fare Online
The world is not enough. Not for our very own desi stud Salman Khan. At least not the regular movie world. And you may treat this as a scoop item of sorts dearies, but the secret of the moment is that Salman is keen to do a desi version of James Bond, with all the special effects, thrills, spills, chills and kills of the record smashing Hollywood spy series. A big budget xtravaganza is being planned on those lines by the Khan, and the format will be the same as the action packed phoren films.
It will be in Hindi of course, and four new, model type girls will be selected to play the female interests of Sals. Sounds good? Let's hope it is a big blockbuster like all those Sean connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan films. and not another Mithun style, Gunmaster G9, business. Knowing our Salman's penchant for 'polish', we are sure not. And remember, you heard this scoop here, on The Buzz, first.

"Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" completes silver jubilee  

1999 Dec 7  India daily

Ajay Devgun-Aishwariya Rai-Salman Khan starrer block buster "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" has still been going great guns and the movie has entered the silver jubilee week at theatres all over India.

The movie, which has established Aishwarya Rai among the top actresses in Bollywood is produced and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali who has already started working on his new project Devdas for which he has signed Aishwarya Rai and newly married Madhuri Dixit (Nene).The music of "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam" is another factor, which has made this movie such a big hit. Newcomer Ismail Durbar has composed its music, who has given some really hummable songs.

Salman saves chotta bhai from jail !
1999 Nov 27 Digital Hindustan Times
We've all heard of success going to people's heads, but this must be the first instance of failure going to someone's head! Salman Khan's youngest brother Sohail has apparently let the mega-failure of that atrocity called Hello Brother knock him off his senses. He has forgotten all his old, gentlemanly manners, and is now-a-days always ready to fly off his handle at the slightest provocation (real or imagined).
Last week, Sohail had gone to a party with his production partner Bunty Walia. The two were returning to the parking lot after the party when they saw a couple of youngsters sitting on the bonnet of Sohail's car. Something snapped within him, and he started berating the two youths with the filthiest of abuses. The youngsters were totally nonplussed, especially as their 'offence' had been so minor; so they started protesting against the director's rudeness.
Inflammed by their replying back, Sohail resorted to blows to drive away the youngsters. The youths fled the scene, only to register a case of assault and battery against the Khan. When the police reached Sohail's residence, they came across his bada bhai Salman, who had happened to be visiting.
When he was told by the cops what his ladlaa bhai had done, Sallu was shocked, and refused to believe it at first. But when he came to realize the enormity of the situation, he personally went and met the families of the offended youngsters, and requested them to withdraw the case against his 'nadaan chotta bhai'.
After much persuasion, and seeing how a big star was literally begging for their forgiveness, the two families ultimately relented. And thus did Salman save his younger brother from a potential jail sentence.
The funny thing about the whole episode was that the two brothers had behaved exactly the opposite of what their public images are. The 'gentlemanly' brother had managed to get himself into a fight, and the 'rude, arrogant star' was the one who had behaved like a true gentleman and a truly responsible bada bhai !

Salman caught between Ash and Lolo

1999 Nov 27 Digital Hindstan Times
Just weeks after re-starting a 'close friendship' (and we all know what that means in Bollywood!) with Karisma Kapoor,
Salman Khan is now caught between his current love and his ex-flame Aishwarya Rai.
And the one responsible for Sallu's (un)enviable plight is none other than the comic director David Dhawan.
We are not talking about real life here, at least for the time being. What we are talking about is Dhawan's next movie which will feature Sallu, Ash and Lolo in a love triangle. But knowing how dangerously close to real life the situation is, we are sure sparks will fly on the sets of this movie. But then seeing David's track record, we're sure he won't allow the triangular love story to degenerate from comedy to tragedy. Not at least in the reel life.

Salman - Karisma: friends again  

1999 Nov 23 Digital Hindustan Times

Pocket dynamo Saman Khan and Ms Perfect Figure Karisma Kapoor are back to being the very best of 'good friends'. The two of them are currently away in Kuwait for a stage-show programme, and are reported to be a terribly cozy twosome there. Troupe members report that the two 'heavenly bodies' seem to be together all the time, no doubt helped by the fact that there is not a single other person in the show (apart from the singers and dance-extras) to distract their attentions from each other.

Insiders recall how Sallu and Lolo had got 'very close' to each other during the shooting of Judwaa two years back, only to drift apart during the shoot of Biwi No.1 because Sallu was getting more interested in Aishwarya Rai. But now that Ash has given the midget Hercules a cold shoulder, there is nothing to prevent Lolo from being 'good friends' (and we all know what that means in Bollywood!) with the Khan again. But what happens if Ash comes back into Sallu's life?!

Salman reduces Juhi to tears

1999 Nov 17 Digital Hindstan Times
Everyone knows that Salman Khan is the last person on earth to forget any insult to him or to his family members. Remember how he walked out of Jackie's Raju Raja Ram (co-starring Govinda) just because apna Chi Chi had walked out of a movie with Salman's kid brother Arbaaz. Years earlier, when they were both young strugglers, Juhi Chawla had refused to act opposite Salman in Biwi Ho To Aisi just because she didn't want to be overshadowed by Rekha, who had the title role. Salman Khan apparently hasn't ever forgotten the insult. And has turned down all offers to act opposite Juhi, even when Juhi was at the top and Salman (before Hum Aapke Hain Koun) was none too hot. And now that the sexy midget is one of the three gods of Bollywood (with his two fellow Khans) and Juhi (post-marriage) is almost nowhere in the picture,
Salman, predictably enough, refuses to change his mind. But what happened at a recent Rotary Award function really took the cake. Salman and Juhi had gone there to receive special awards. When it came to posing together for pictures on stage, Sallu casually walked off, although he had been all co-operative only a moment earlier for his solo snaps. Poor Juhi was reduced to tears by this extraordinary rudeness on Salman's part. Tsk, tsk, Sallu ! Fighting with a tough guy like Govinda is okay, but reducing a woman, especially such a lovely one, to tears just isn't macho.... !
Rotary Award

Salman - Shah Rukh: Partners in 'crime'

Filmfare online 1999 Oct 13
For all their rivalry, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, seem to be sharing a very mutually compatible professional relationship. Both of them are doing special appearances in the home productions of the other. Friendship and camaraderie? Or simply a case of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'? What say guys?

India Talkies

Hunting・・・Salman Khan

1999 Oct 16 Filmfare Online

Salman Khan, who recently took to the bottle with a vengeance after he was dumped by both Aishwarya Rai and Somy Ali, has now decided that enough is enough. Sallu now vows to turn over a new leaf, and his first priority is to find a new girl. He has declared that all he wants is a "fresh face" for brother Sohail's next movie, but industry people insist that Salman's objective is not professional but very, very personal. After all, if all Sallu wants is a heroine for his home production, Rani Mukherjee, who shares an excellent rapport with all three Khan brothers, is always ready to oblige.


1999 Sep chaitime.com
Is bollywood hunk salman khan going to be on a baywatch show.. American top hit show Baywatch.. I have just learn that salman khan, top indian bollywood star is going to be a guest onBaywatch. Americans top show.  He will be appering on two episods.
Salman khan and the producer of Baywatch has agree on that Salman khan will be on two episods of Baywatch. The producer of Baywatch was looking for people to be gust satr on his show.. Since Salman khan is one of the top 50 hotest people bye the people magazine. Producer have made a deal with him. Some of the other stars from different country like, Russia, England. etc.. there stars are going to be on a show as well.. And Salman khan does got a body to be on a Baywatch.
The Salman khan agent. is making a deal with the producer of Baywatch.. To use some of the sence on the next Salman khan movie call (Tere Liya).

Cr-Ash-ed Salman takes to the bottle!

Digital Bollywood Sep 1999
The industry is buzzing with the news that Salman Khan has hit the bottle. Apparently the actor has been drinking himself crazy over the past couple of weeks, and has in fact been missing from all his shooting schedules. Industry sources claim that it is the Khan's love life that has driven him to seek solace in alcohol. According to the cocktail circuit,
seems to be torn between soul mate Somy Ali, and his current passion Aishwarya Rai. Apparently Salman, who recently reunited with Somy, still carries a torch for Ash. While his producers have been hopping worried over the actor's chronic drinking problem, the Khan household however, has been quick to deny such reports.
According to them, Salman is genuinely unwell and has been bed ridden for the past week. A case of sheer exhaustion, is what they'd like us to believe. Well, we hope so too...

Salman in KL, Malaysia?!?!

 1999 Aug
Salman was in KL on 31st. of July for promotion.
He was dancing at Disco in KL?!

Salman in KL

Salman, a director?

1999 July
After his ebullient performance as singer Sameer in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's musical bonanza Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, hunky Salman Khan is now toying with the idea of turning a director. It's not a startling revelation since he had assisted K Shashilal Nair way back during the making of Angaar.
Salman has also supplied story ideas for his films Baaghi and Chandramukhi. So film direction is by no means alien territory to hunky Khan. But does this mean we'll be seeing less of his body in front of the camera? Hope not.