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Ravi Chopra on Salman
Rediff Com Oct P 2003

Didn't Salman Khan's 'bad boy' reputation make you apprehensive?

No. Salman is a sweetheart. I don't know how he got this reputation. Maybe, he has never had a good relationship with the media. I had a great time shooting with him and would love to do another film with him. He has really got a heart of gold.
In Baghban, Salman plays an orphan who is brought up by Amitji. I needed someone who looked very decent because he's the good guy in the film. His character is indebted to the man who has raised him. Salman has done a great job.
I chose Mahima Chaudhry because I needed a girl who would look good in Western and Indian outfits. And she fit the bill perfectly.

Salman is a much misunderstood man: Bachchan
Jan 18, 2003 ApunKaChoice Bureau
Mega superstar Amitabh Bachchan has reportedly said that Salman Khan is ea clean and straight guyf who has often been misunderstood.
The Big B is looking forward to acting with Salman Khan in B R Choprafs Baagbhan that also stars yesteryear edreamgirlf Hema Malini. The film will have Salman playing Amitabhfs son.
About the ebrattyf Khanfs knack to court controversies, the Big B said that eaccidents could happen in anybodyfs life and one should not jump to conclusions.f
He refused to comment on Salmanfs personal idiosyncrasies in respect of his relationship with Aishwarya Rai.
So far Amitabh and Salman have not worked together in a film although they have done stage shows together.

Bhoomika Chawla on Salman
Nov, 2002 3to6com
Speaking to ANI about her role and commenting on Salman, Bhoomika said that his image of being a difficult co-star is untrue."This is a story of a simple brahmin girl, who only gets out for going to college or to buy vegetables and she doesn't know anything about outside world"."I felt very comfortable with Salman. As a co-artist I never felt that I was a newcomer, whenever I had problem he helps me out.He is very comfortable and helpful to work with," Bhoomika said.

What's special about Salman Khan ?
March 22, 2002 Screen
At 36, he is still considered the enfant terrible of the industry. Though he has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters since his debut in 1989, Salman Khan has not pursued his career hotly like the other Khans. Despite everything, he holds a special place in the hearts of the Hindi filmmakers. Screen talked to some of his friends and contemporaries, where they discussed his strengths and weaknesses. more

Pankaj Parashar on Salman
Rediff Com 2002 Feb 22
How was it working with Salman Khan?

Initially, he was quite wary of me. He was told that I would not be able to complete the film.
I found Salman the opposite of what I was told about him. He would go out of his way to do things a star would never do. He would fly my children and wife down to Jodhpur every weekend. He would put the kids to sleep, come back and reherase his scenes. He would even attend the dubbings of other artistes.

It is learnt that Salman has lost all interest in acting?

Who said so? Salman would cycle from Bandstand [Bandra, Mumbai] to Kamalistan Studios at 6.45 am. He would make sure his first shot was taken by 7.30 am.
There were times when I have narrated the next day's scene to him. He would go back to his place, write down the scene and call me again to discuss it. I could show you pages and pages of his writing. That is the kind of dedication he has towards his work.

Pankuj Parashar on Salman 15, 2002

Parashar does not stop extolling Salman Khan's virtues. "Salman's performance is the film's USP," insists Parashar. "The film explores his real potential as an actor and he has done very well. Contrary to what one hears about him, he was very cooperative. He has been very involved with the film. He has cycled to and forth from the studio to his house and still reached on time. He would gleefully show his watch and show that he was ready 15 minutes before time."
Probe him more on the movie and Parashar comes up with a blinder: "Expect the unexpected from this film, just when you are thinking, you know what will happen, the film will undergo a twist," he smiles.

And Pankaj Twister proceeds to give a thumbnail sketch of his movie. "It is about Salman Khan who is a Thakur's son and he falls in love with a Thakur's daughter Diya Mirza and then suddenly he loses his memory. He now has some memories which he believes are from a past life. How he unravels the mystery is the story."
And there is Sushmita Sen. A love triangle? "No. But I am not telling you anything." Parashar stops at that and begins to discuss the fate of another film at the box-office.

Amisha Patel on Salman
Then there is a film with David Dhawan where my co-star is the most handsome guy I have ever met, Salman Khan. I have been a great fan of Salman since the days he did 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and it was like a dream come true to work with him. He is very gentle person."

Diya on Salman
Voice Entertainment 2001
What about Salman?
"I have only met him on the sets of our film. I had heard a lot about him before I took up this film and was afraid about how I would react when I first met him. It was SALMAN who put me at my ease. He is very gentle in his behaviour. He treated me like a kid and never ever talked to me as though I was his co-star. So all this talk about Salman and me seems vindictive. I have decided to set the record straight to the media."

Sushmita on Salman
Rediff com 2001
When I first met Salman, I thought he was the rudest, most badly-behaved, obnoxious person around.
He's the kind you won't like at first sight. He gives the impression of being very arrogant. Most people tend to live with that impression.
But during the making of Biwi No 1, I realised Salman isn't what he projects himself to be. He is a bundle of contradictions. There's a softer, vulnerable side to his personality that he seldom reveals. When you see that side of him, you are pleasantly surprised.
I must say Salman was a great help towards the end of Biwi No 1. He really helped me out with my scenes and stuff like that. So now I am doing Govardhan Tanwani's film with him. It has been a good experience working with a sweet guy like him.
As for patching up with him, as you put it, we were never sworn enemies to begin with.

Sunil Shetty on Salman
G-Mag 2001
"Salman Khan's belief in himself gave a new meaning to self-confidence. For the way his career has taken a roller-coaster ride, anybody else would've crumbled under such immense pressure. If you observe his professional graph, you'll realize that he's probably one of the few actors who has staged a successful comeback on his own terms. His debut Maine Pyar Kiya shot Salman to the highest peak of fame. But a spate of subsequent flops and suddenly Salman was not so hot. This industry is a cut-throat one, believe me. That's when Salman pumped iron and gave 'good physique' a brand new meaning. His belief in himself taught me how important it is to take life as a challenge and fight tooth-n-nail till you emerge victorious."

Aftab Shivdasani on Salman
FilmFare 2001
"Salman's the coolest, He looks like a Greek God, he has such a terrific physique. I don't have the confidence to take off my shirt the way he does. I don't have muscles like his, I'm just not confident of standing in front of a camera without a shirt. I'm terribly shy."

Kareena Kapoor
Showtime 2001
Kareena is also upset that her other two favourites Salman and Govinda are not willing to work with her. Kareena reveals, "Govinda thinks I am a kid. Same reason why Salman doesn't want to be cast opposite me. And here I am dying to work with both of them because I've seen them on the sets. They are great fun to work with. Salman has seen me roaming around in my nightdress in Mangalore during Jaagruti which he did with Lolo. They both say 'No baba, we've seen you grow up.' So they can never picture themselves doing a romantic scene with me. Still, I am hoping someday to work with both of them.

Shilpa Shetty
Link Leisure
Shilpa has signed producer Bubby Kent's new movie opposite Salman, here is what she had to say about it.

QFA film with Salman who's reportedly so impressed with you that he's been recommending you to all his producers?
Shilpa: How sweet! Salman is an old friend whom I've known since Auzaar and Dus. We had been on some shows even before these films. He recommended Bobby's film to me saying it was a great role. And it was. After Dhahkan I never thought I'd get another film that gave me so much footage. It's a film about today's generation. The conflicts between a couple and their in-laws after marriage. It's about how men change after marriage. All wives will side with me while their husbands will relate to Salman, but it'll be difficult to decide who's right and who's in the wrong. It's an interesting film about conflicting relationships and the clash of cultures. I've done a film with director Adhyayan down South before. I'm grateful to him and Salman for making me a part of this film."

Farah Khan
Filmfare annual '99 (November 1999)
Salman Khan
His transformation has been amazing.  I'd gone with him for the screen-test of Maine Pyar Kiya.  He'd danced so atrociously that I was sure he'd be rejected outright.  Today when I see him dancing so gracefully, I'm pleasantly shocked.  He's one of the coolest dancers on the scene.  He's relaxed, effortless and his pick-up steps are really good.  All the funny things that he does in his dances are his own improvisations.

Sanjay Dutt
Film Fare
Q:Incidentally what about those reports which say he's fallen out with Salman Khan because of ego hassles during the making of David Dhawan's Chal Mere Bhai?

Nahin yaar I'm too chilled out to have ego hassles, especially with Salman who's a kid. There was a time when he'd come home and exercise with me in the gym every evening. Honestly, there's no tension between us. Our lives are open books. In that way, we're both emotional suckers."
Sunjay Dutt points out that Salman and he were to do Ketan Desai's Yeh Hai Jalwa. But when the script was finalised, Ketan felt it didn't justify two heroes. Explains he, "It was Ketan's decision to make two different films, one with Salman and Amisha Patel directed by David Dhawan, and another one with me which is still in the planning stages."

Kashmira Shah
FilmFare Interview
Q:So what's it like being Salman Khan's sister?

Can you beleive it? I'm the only girl in the industry he calls his sister. We fought in the beginning, then suddenly we became really good friends. He said I was like his sister. I know this is completely opposed to what people think of him. But I've actually seen him being extremely charitable when he thinks no one is watching."

Sushma Reddy on Salman

2001 Stardust
Sushma Reddy's younger sis Sameera Reddy is acting opposite Sohail Khan in their next home production. Here is what Sushma had to say about Salman......
"I've known Salman's entire family. Now we've come closer because my younger sister, Sameera's doing a movie for G.S. Entertainment opposite Sohail. We have been family friends with Salman for a long time. When we began knowing him, Salman had just finished 'Maine Pyar Kiya' and was coming up as a hero. Salman is a very interesting guy. He's very quirky and very moody. But at heart, he is a brilliant person. I can say that without batting an eyelid. He is very open-hearted, generous and sensitive. He is involved in all these controversies these days because of his quirky behaviour.
What I find very funny about him is his shirt-removing story. But the Salman I know has been nothing but a gentleman. Salman's really got a good side to him, and I'm not talking about the obvious one! And this is because of the way Salim uncle has raised all of them. Arbaaz is more like the brains of the family . Sohail is the naughty one."

On why Hrithik Roshan is ever grateful to Salman!

2001 Feb 27 B4U
. Have you ever wondered why Hrithik expresses his gratitude to Salman at every award function? Well, apart from the fact that they are great friends, Hrithik feels he owes his success to Salman. It all began when Hrithik would assist father Rakesh Roshan to the sets of Karan Arjun. It was Salman who helped him to develop that sexy physique. He was also the first to shoot Hrithik! With a camera that is! In fact Sallu has shot all the pictures the aam janta got to see of Hrithik in the press initially. Talking about photography, Hrithik Roshan is passionately interested in it and has captured all the important events of his life in camera since the age of 12! This is one treasured collection he'd rather not part with!

Karishma Kapoor
Q:Is Salman a friend in real life?

Karisma:"Yes, he is a friend. We knew each other even before I joined the movies. Our fathers are friends. Our friendship just goes to prove that you can have platonic relationships in this film industry.

Madhuri Dixit
"I don't think Salman is arrogant or a brat or any of those other things people think of him as. Salman is fully aware of his responsibilities, he is not immature. He is also the kind of guy who cannot be a hypocrite. If he doesn't like someone, he will show it straight off. If he likes someone, he makes it very evident too. Perhaps Salman is also a very misunderstood person. He is the kind of guy you will misread totally in your first encounter. His actural personality comes through only later"

Shilpa Shetty
QFIs it true that you're doing seven movies with Salman Khan?
AFI wish that was true. Salman Khan is one of my favourite co-stars. We've vibed well ever since we did Auzaar together. Right now we're working together in Bubby Kent's untitled project. So there's just this one film on and not seven. I'm amused with reports which said I was Salman's latest flavour. Salman is a fantastic co-star. Nothing more, nothing less."

Abbas-Mustan Speak About Salman
2001 Cineblitz
QFWhat were Rani, Preity and Salman like on the sets?
AF We admire the camaraderie between Preity and Rani, and the two are good friends with Salman too. We didn't really have to work towards building a rapport between them.
QFWe hear Salman is not very professional on the sets.
AFSalman never gave us any trouble. If he were arriving late he would inform us in advance. He always informs us of his schedule, so we know we can shoot with him between so and so hours. At times, Salman had landed on the sets before us. If he has been late occasionally, it is not something to hold against him because all llstars are sometimes delayed.
In fact, Salman will make sure he completes the work he has taken on, even if he is required to stay till late at night. What we really liked about him, was that he chose to do the film because he liked the subject. Most actors would first think about their own character when they hear the script but Salman was more concerned about the film on the whole.

Karan Johar
"When Salman did 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai', none of us had any idea about the phenomenal impact his entry would have," says Karan Johar. "In the first few days of the film's release, when Salman came on screen, the crowd would go wild. We thought that it was because of the surprise factor. But later, we found out that even when people saw the film for the third or fourth time, the reaction would be as extreme. That's called star power."

Salman finds a friend in Rati
2000 Sep 3, Indiainfo Com
It isn't just Ash who's been wooed and won over by Salman's irresistible charm. Even Rati who's his brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri's first cousin, has a lot of good things to say about the bad boy of Bollywood. "I don't know why people think Salman is a super brat," Rati laughs. "I've always found him to be a polite, well-behaved boy who's any day better than some of the other heroes who walk past you without so much as a hello or hi." Rati is working with Salman and Amisha Patel in Ketan Desai's next film being directed by David Dhawan and insists that the schedule's been smooth sailing all the way thanks to courteous stars like Salman and Amisha. "Do you know, Amisha actually came and introduced herself. As if I didn't know who she was after Kaho Naa..Pyar Hai," Rati twinkles.

Sonali Bendre
G Magazine
I've never met anyone funnier than Salman nor have I laughed as much as while shooting for Hum Saath Saath Hain. Salman is darn good-looking and has one of the best physiques in the industry. I enjoyed working with Salman. He's passionate about his work and enjoys every minute of it

Shakti Kapoor Interview
Cine Blitz@May 2000
QFIf you had to cross-dress and seduce a hero, whom would you choose?
ShaktiF"Salman Khan! I know Salman's weak points, pretty legs and tall girls with lots of style. He loves waistlines, so I'll have to have three bricks on my waist to entice him. And I'll wear the shortest micro mini possible and sit in front of him with my legs sprawled out." (Laughs)
QFWho are your drinking partners?
ShaktiF"I love drinking with Salman, Sanjay Dutt, Rishi Kapoor, Jeetendra... These are the buddies I have been drinking with. There were times when Mithun and I would be shooting three shifts a day and on the last shift, we would sit and drink. Now he doesn't drink anymore. I love drinking with them because they are good company. They have great senses of humour, especially Salman and Sanju, who really make me laugh. It's amazing that nobody knows how funny these guys can get when they drink. Sanju and Salman can make you laugh the whole night, they are lovely company..."
QFBecause they share your passion for beautiful women?
ShaktiF"Women do come after a couple of drinks but.... I must tell you of this incident that occurred when Salman and I were shooting in Mauritius. We were drinking till six in the morning and we had a seven o'clock shift. We didn't know how we were going to report for the shoot, since we were totally gone. So we went to the beach and had a long swim. Fortunately, we emerged absolutely fresh. We were like, 'Now we are ready for the big shoot'. Then we ordered breakfast but by the time it came, we were both fast asleep in our chairs! Later, the unit guys had to wake us and take us to the shoot. It's great spending nights with these guys because when you are with them, there are no fights, just laughter."

Hrithik Roshan@
I have always looked up to Salman. He was the one guy who was genuinely happy for me when Kaho Na Pyaar Hai became a hit. There were others too but I could see that Salman was absolutely ecstatic. He has proved to be a good friend. Salman has been so hurt by people that with him, it's a case of guilty till proven innocent. He will never let down his guard till he is sure he can trust you. Once he does, he will let you become his friend. But until the time he is judging you, you are guilty. That's how we Capricorn people are. We share this weird knack of being able to tell who is a nice person and who isn't.

2000 May