Ash is my true love: Salman

Feb 12 2002

Salman Khan finds himself constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons. Recently, there were reports about his driving down to actress Aishwarya Raifs residence late at night and creating a ruckus and, more recently, banging his car into hers.
Before that, he was involved in a scuffle with photographers and also in a tiff with ace filmmaker Subhash Ghai.
During dubbing for Tumko Na Bhool Paayenge, he spoke to Bombay Times.
Why has there been so much negative news about you these days?

I have no clue. But I guess Salman Khan matters sufficiently to be in the news constantly. He doesnft retaliate or protect himself. Mediapersons think Salman will keep quiet in any case so keep on writing against him. But the good that Salman does is not reported. Only his bad qualities are highlighted. Yellow journalists write against me to sell their magazines and keep their jobs. But when my fans read all that is written against me, they start thinking, gIf Salman has done that, then so can we.h I would like my young fans to build their bodies like I have and improve their health. I admit Ifm not perfect. I am human.
Are reports that you went to Aishwaryafs house and created a ruckus there and that you banged your car into hers true?

Yes, yes, there is truth (in these reports). But they are all exaggerated. Ifm having a relationship with her. But if you donft fight, therefs no love. I will not fight with an outsider. Whatever fighting and possessiveness is there from my side and hers is all out of love. The banging of the car was wrong. But I banged my car. I have now been told by the cops not to go to her building.
The general perception is that you are imposing yourself on her and you are angry since she isnft reciprocating.

(Sighs). That is there. I have not spoken about it, nor has she. Thatfs my personal life. If Ifm running after a particular person let that person think why I am doing it. I know what I am doing. The day Ash is not there (in my life), I will back out.
Are you obsessed with her?

No. This isnft true. Ifve been through one too many people. But this time, itfs not obsession. But love and only love. But I guess itfs all a matter of destiny. If it has got to be Somy Ali (his former girlfriend) or Ash in my life that person will be there. Maybe neither of them will be there in my life.
Is it that Ash also loves you but her parents donft approve?

Her parents are great people. They have a conservative background like mine. They have heard about my earlier girlfriends and they donft approve of Salman in their daughterfs life. Itfs not their fault, but mine. I should have taken it easy. I did misbehave with them. But they never stopped Ash from meeting me or forced her to do anything. Just as I wouldnft like anybody misbehaving with my father, itfs natural that Ash doesnft like anybody misbehaving with her parents. Her fatherfs grouse against me is totally justified, but I have nothing against him.
Isnft Ash adult enough to take a decision?

But shefs a totally Hindustani girl. Thatfs one her best qualities. Isnft it really beautiful that the person whom you love respects her parents so much that she will not go against them? This is an amazing quality. Why should I expect her to ignore her parents for me?
Is the fact that she is a Hindu and you are a Muslim which is posing a problem?

No. My mom is a Hindu and my dad is a Muslim. I regard myself only as an Indian. My sister is married to a Hindu and so have my brothers. My second mom (Helen) is a Catholic. So religion is not a problem. I messed things up. But I am no God. I want to keep myself, Ash and her family away from controversy and focus on my career.
What if Ash says she wants to have nothing to do with you?

It is always the girlfs decision.

What is it about Ash that attracts you so much?

The person. Her balance. Shefs a typical middle class Indian girl. Shefs had the right kind of upbringing.
When did you realise that you love her?

During the making of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Wefve been friends for some time now. However, these days we hardly spend any time with each other. But the time we spent together was fantastic. If it (the relationship) has to work out, it will. I believe in karma.