I think they want to kill me: Salman Khan

By Afsana Ahmed Filmfare Online Aug 22 2002
Salman Khan doesn't take it lightly when you say that his foray into Hollywood films with Marigold is due to his floundering career in Bollywood. "If so, then any other happening star could have been the lucky one," he reasons.
"I didn't lobby, didn't hire an agent, nor hold any trial shows, or interviews for foreign magazines. It shows I am the chosen one. And the Asian community will be respect even more".
As for the remuneration, Khan assures that moolah is "quite generous, more than adequate". He will also get a percentage from the merchandising sale of the film.
This perhaps, is one of Salman's brightest moments, when life hasn't been so generous otherwise. Like he says, "The underworld nexus, a disturbing personal love life, the black buck case, irresponsible brat in public and steroids... I am human, how many more accusations can I take? Mistakes occur, but such constant allegations can be damaging. I need a respite."
In fact, the only thing that brings a smile on his face is the constant support of his fans. "My friends and family make me feel that I am the best, but I know they say it to reassure me."
Khan appears disturbed when he talks about his personal life, "Aishwarya has been Miss World, she has a clean reputation, she is intelligent and she makes right decisions. I am a brat, I am cold and calculative, and my thinking is old-fashioned. She says that she has been single for a while now. That says it all. I hope she finds her her dream man who will take care of her. She made the right decision, but people I love will always remain in my heart. But when the most important people in your life forgets you, it hurts, but I am not depressed."
He denies that he has any underworld nexus. "If somebody calls, I will respond decently," he explains. "But if he acts funny, then I have to take a stand. They have been threatening me for a while now. I think they want to kill me."
Though dark clouds threaten to shower on Salman every now and then, he is all set to face it, " Nobody made me, so nobody can destroy me."
Aug 22 2002