Fantastic, fantastic Dev

Screen June 28, 2002

That day and for the next three days I saw Salman Khan dancing like a man possessed by some raw and rare passion. He was dancing for Dev Anandfs Love At Times Square, making a special appearance for Devfs film, his gift from his generation to the legend whose passion to entertain has been mesmerising five generations of grateful people (Agar Dev Sahab nahi hote to kya hota?), a seventy-year-old junior artiste asks. Salman was dancing with a crowd of young dancers from all over the world, dancing to the tunes and a song sung by Adnan Sami who also said he composed and sang for Devfs film only for love, gonly for the love of the unbelievable Dev Sahabh. Salman found time off to make the dance number one of the best dance numbers of his career and he made sure to see that choreographer Ganesh Acharya made no mistake to make his dream come true for Dev and for himself.

In between shots when he took off his shirt and showed off his muscles which could make Lennox Lewis, the new World Boxing Champion who knocked out Mike Tyson look at him in sheer shock, I asked Salman how it felt working with a legend like Dev and he just shouted in delight gfantastic, fantastic, fantastic. From where does Dev Sahab get so much energy? Will we have the same kind of energy when we reach his age? Will we even manage to reach his age? Fantastic, thatfs all I can sayh. I then asked Salman if he ever felt he would work with Dev Sahab and he for reasons best known to himself said, gof course, I knew it, I knew ith.
Dev had heard and read all kinds of wild stories about Salman in all the glossies but the Salman he came across during the days he shot with him was someone he couldnft just believe. He seemed absolutely thrilled working with Salman, whom he kept calling gmy pet, one of the best of the young actors we have. I hope to now work on a script revolving round Salman soon. I think he can do a fantastic job given a good script.h For days after the shooting Dev kept talking about Salman which was talk which was so different from all the wild talk about Salman.