Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge We are going to take the Bride

Karishma is a runaway bride, with Salman as her wooing suitor. Expect the usual David Dhawan gags, but there's an intense emotional drama, too.
Any resemblance to Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge is purely coincidental.
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Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge is the story of Sapna. Though she's lost her parents, she has been brought up by three doting but eccentric uncles. If Uncle No. 1 is a god-fearing man totally engrossed in his pooja-path, Uncle No. 2 is a fitness fanatic forever flexing his considerable muscles. And Uncle No. 3 is a colourfully dressed dandy who loves to dance. Sapna wants to please all three and gets exhausted running from exercise class to dancing lessons to bhajan singing.

Since each uncle thinks he knows what's best for his beloved niece, they each decide to get her married to a person of their own choice.

In sheer frustration Sapna runs away from home and goes on a trip abroad with a tourist group. Raja is also part of the group and she hates him at first sight. But then luck intervenes, they both get separated from the rest of the group and after Raja saves her from one messy situation after another, Sapna realises she's in love with him. Raja too loves her, and as soon as they return to India, decides to meet her uncles to ask for her hand.

But poor Raja doesn't know what he's up against. Three obstinate uncles. Three stubborn obstacles....

But our Raja is made of sterner stuff. He takes up the challenge to win over each uncle. Now the film goes on a roller coaster ride of masti and mayhem as Raja dons hilarious disguises to woo the uncles. Does he succeed in winning their hearts? Do the three eccentric uncles finally agree to the marriage?

Want to begin your millennium on a bright and happy note? Then watch the dulhan of the century in Dulhan Hum Le Jayenge

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2000 Feb 25