Single, now and then...

M K Vivekanandan corners Salman Khan on his celebrated singledom

June 2000

Single by choice, filmstar Salman Khan says he cherishes his singledom. "Don't get me wrong. I'm not against marriage - in fact, I can't wait to get married - but I guess being a bachelor is another thing altogether," he says.

The macho movie icon, who has had a long string of girlfriends including Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, and (currently?) Aishwarya Rai, says he enjoys being in love. "It's indescribable...that feeling where you give so much to a relationship, and expect nothing in return," the actor says, getting all mushy himself.
Admitting that he is a bit of an MCP, Salman says he wouldn't particularly encourage his wife to work after marriage. "Why does she need to go out and work when I can provide for both of us?" However, he adds, "If it's something that she enjoys doing, I don't think I would stop her from doing it."

Marriage is something he looks forward to, but not something he likes to plan. "I have planned marriage in the past, and it never worked out," he reveals. "Now I've learnt to just let it be. It will happen when it has to." He sheepishly confesses that he's found the girl he wants to spend his life with, but refuses to mention a name.
Just like most normal people, Salman says he's been in love with girls who haven't reciprocated his affection. "Then I'd sulk, woo her a little more, and just give up eventually," he says. "But the feeling of being in love with someone who feels the same way about you is just fantastic," he says, explaining that his current girlfriend loves him as dearly as he does her. "She's a wonderful girl, and we are so happy to be together," is all he volunteers on the subject.

Considering both his younger brothers (Arbaaz and Sohail) have settled down to married bliss, it's not surprising that Salman's parents are keen that he ties the knot soon as well. "But I've explained to them that marriage is something that will happen when it's destined to. And they finally seem to understand," he says, heaving a sigh of relief.
Ask him why he hasn't married yet, and he replies instantly: "Marriage involves two persons. If I could get married to myself, I would have been married a long time ago. I guess I'm just waiting till it's the right time for both of us." Without taking a moment off to ponder, he says he'll make a perfect husband. "I'll be better as a dad," he adds, revealing that he wants many kids.

"I just love little children. My little sister Arpita and my niece Alize are like my own bachchas. I have seen them grow from the time they were very little. I'm all equipped for the job," he says smiling broadly.
However, Salman confesses he enjoys his bachelor life. "I like going out with the boys sometimes," he says. "I cherish the fact that I can go out for a beer with my friends without a worry," he adds. "I'm dreading the day all that will change."