The Unforgiving Khan

Digital Bollwood Aug 1999
Recently, veteran actress Raakhee, who earlier had a tiff with Salman Khan, met him in a party.

Despite being a senior actress, she came forward to greet Salman and make up. But he simply ignored her. An embarrassed Raakhee left the party midway.
The moment she walked out of the hall, the unabashed Salman and his gang had a hearty laugh! One of his close friends later revealed that Salman had been carrying a grouse against Raakhee since Karan Arjun days.
The story goes that once on the sets of Karan Arjun, Salman was moving bare-chested. Raakhee didn't take it too favourably and asked Salman to wear something and "respect his elders".
But he smirked and even took off his jeans, prancing around only in shorts. No one knows whether Raakhee liked it or not, but since then, it appears that Salman made it a point to pull Raakhee wherever and whenever possible.

Salman Khan seldom forgives.
Salman Khan has only a few friends in the industry and a long list of adversaries. He gets into frequent fights as his inflated ego takes any advise or even suggestions as offense.

The actor can snap his most cherished friends on the slightest of difference with them. People say it is his unforgiving nature, which prevents him from enjoying a lasting relationship.

Juhi Chawla's name also earned a mention in Salman's hit list ever since she turned down Biwi Ho To Aisi opposite him. The film was Salman's debut effort. Till date, Salman hasn't forgiven Juhi and turns down all offers opposite her.
Recently, on the sets of Janam Samjha Karo, Salman tried to act fresh with his co-star Urmila Matondkar. Urmila, well aware of his reputation, turned a cold shoulder towards him. However, when she realised later that Salman had no mischievous intentions, she tried to reconcile. But all her attempts went in vain. During the entire shoot of the film, Salman didn't even sit next to her.

Some time back, Somy Ali, his girlfriend for more than five years, complained to Salman that his father had behaved rudely with her. Salman argued defending his father upsetting Somy, who went to her parents' house in the USA without informing him.
This was reason enough for the relentless Khan to end his relations with Somy. He didn't even bother to invite Somy to his brother Arbaz's
marriage. Her repeated apologies couldn't move the stern Salman. And according to the latest reports, he has finally dumped Somy and wooing Aishwarya.

1999 Aug 23