Vivek Oberoi's outburst against Salman

Salman shocks everyone, once again
Midday Amit Roy April 10, 2003
London: In the past few days that he was in London, Salman Khan shocked everyone by behaving impeccably.
The actor shot song-and dance-sequences with co-star Mahima Chowdhury, for Ravi Choprafs Baaghban, and appeared to have won over the whole crew.
On Tuesday, pausing between takes in Leicester Square on a sunny but cold afternoon, director of photography Barun Mukherjee summed up his personal feelings in Bengali.

gChele ta khoob mishti (The boy is very sweet),h smiled Mukherjee, adjusting his green baseball cap. gEkdom chele manoosh (Hefs so naive, so childlike),h he said with affection.
Could it be that the actor, widely castigated as Bollywoodfs bad boy, is a misunderstood soul? What about Vivek Oberoifs claim that Salman threatened him on the phone on 41 occasions in a single night?

Or Aishwarya Raifs unprecedented statement that he abused her and she wanted nothing more to do with him?
Baaghbanfs director came to Salmanfs defence and told journalists that the actor was easy to handle, but did not want to give an interview.

gHe really doesnft want to talk about it,h said Chopra, son of the great BR.

Tuesday was a busy day for the crew: morning was in Marlowe, the early afternoon at London Eye, the giant turning wheel by the Thames Embankment at Waterloo, and afternoon in Leicester Square.
At the Chiquito, a restaurant, Mahima had finished her pasta lunch and her hair was being fussed over by her stylist, Heather Shay, a Haka Chinese woman from Bombay.

gSalman is on his way,h someone shouted.
gThat means half an hour,h yawned Mahima.
Actually, Salman was outside, ready and waiting, dressed in faded blue jeans, a black leather jacket and a grey top.

He looked slim, without any sign of bulging muscles.
On his wrist, he wore a bracelet, the sort that Indian fast bowlers shake angrily when they cannot get a wicket.
Like many Bollywood stars, Salman was clearly a mobile junkie. Every few minutes he took the phone out of his pocket to make or answer a call.
An enterprising young reporter, who believed she had his number, had been phoning him for three days, only to be told she had the wrong person.

She now tried a little experiment.
She rang the number. After a few seconds, Salmanfs hand slid to his back pocket.

Who was on the phone?
She gave her name.
What was it about?
She replied there had been allegations about him recently and perhaps he would care to comment.
She was told that unfortunately Salman was in Holland but if she rang again in three daysf time, he would be in Bombay and she might be put through to him.
The reporter was tempted to say, gActually, Ifm standing next to you,h but thought better of it.
When approached face to face, he was polite. gI donft want to talk,h he said, adding, gI have not given an interview in 18 years.h

For his fans though, Salman signed every autograph and posed for photographs.
At any time of year, there are plenty of Indians in Leicester Square and by early evening, a sizeable crowd had gathered to watch the takes.
Salman chewed gum and smoked at the same time, with the lit cigarette kept out of Mukherjeefs tight shots. He did not mind at all when the director repeated his takes several times.
Between takes, he was considerate to fans, who were either ignorant of the latest reports from India or did not care about them.

An Indian woman was on her mobile to her friend, Ravi: gYou are no competition, Ifm with Salman.h

After a 45-minute break, Salman was back, this time in a smart, dark suit, with a peacock-blue shirt and matching tie.
Mahima wore a short skirt, with a laddered stocking that no one noticed, a black top and a Burberry scarf.
Salman used his mobile. But this was not a private call ? the shot was part of the plot. After the wrap, Mahima said she enjoyed working with Salman.

gHe keeps us entertained,h she said.

Salman: 'I have nothing to say on the matter'
Rediff com April 9@2003@Subhash K Jha
Salman Khan

After shooting for B R Chopra's Baghbaan in London and completing a successful concert in Amsterdam, Salman Khan was expected to return to Mumbai April 9.
Speaking from London on the eve of his departure to Mumbai, Salman denied plans to hold a press conference after his return as has been rumoured in the media. "I don't know where that came from. I have said so earlier, and I say so now: I have nothing to say on the matter," says the actor.

Salman is referring to actor Vivek Oberoi's outburst against him on April 1. Vivek alleged Salman called him 41 times in one night and threatened to kill him if he did not stay away from actresses Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherji and Diya Mirza. A few days later, Rai, who recently met with an accident on the sets of Rajkumar Santoshi's Khaki, issued a statement calling her relationship with Salman a 'nightmare.'

Meanwhile, sections of the film industry who spoke up for Salman still support him. Says Suniel Shetty, "I stand by what I said earlier. The differences between Vivek and Salman were an internal matter. It should have been sorted out on that level." 
Manoj Bajpai, Kareena Kapoor and other stars who don't want to go on record feel it was wrong of Vivek to go public with his grievances.

Meanwhile, a communal colour is being given to the fight between two colleagues. Rumours in Mumbai say Salman and his family are seeking the help of Muslim organisations to 'protect' him from the new crisis in his life.
Salman is appalled. "I believe in every God on earth. They will protect me against these vicious lies."


'If he wants to put me down to bring himself up, let him do it'
Rediff com April 3@2003@Subhash K Jha

After Vivek Oberoi's outburst against him on television, Salman Khan appeared stoic and amused at his colleague's bitter recriminations.
"Don't worry, it is nothing, nothing at all. Please don't write anything about it. Vivek Oberoi is a kid who has just discovered the joys of stardom. He will learn with time. I will cope with this problem, just like I have with all my other problems."
Just before flying off to London on the morning of April 2 to shoot for B R Chopra's Baghban,

Salman says, "Have you heard about Lord Buddha? There was a man spitting at him constantly. A well-wisher asked him why he was not reacting. And he said, 'Don't worry about it. Let the man get rid of all the filth inside him. All I have to do is wash my face.' I am certainly no Buddha. But let me wash my face in peace."

Salman is expected to return to Mumbai on April 9.
Vivek's anti-Salman press conference created a stir in the media. "Whose name got him there, huh? If my name can get someone so much play time on television, it must mean something, no? If someone tries to pull you down, it means you are a lot higher. If he wants to put me down to bring himself up, let him do it. It is okay. I have no problem with that. I know my friends want to speak on my behalf. But I don't want them to. They love me too much to say anything bad about me. In my 14-year career, I have done 100 films. If God is willing, no one can take what I have. My friends and family are suffering. But it is just a passing phase. I am leaving for London now. I am so petrified I have to run away!" jokes the actor.

Arbaaz Khan points to Aishwarya Rai
Rediff com April 2@2003

Actor Arbaaz Khan on Wednesday told Aaj Tak that Aishwarya Rai may have something to do with fellow actor Vivek Oberoi's outburst against Salman Khan.
Vivek had on Tuesday alleged that Salman had telephoned him 41 times in a single night and warned him to keep away from actresses Aishwarya Rai, Rani Mukherjee and Somi Ali, or else he would kill him.
Salman left for London early on Wednesday, but before leaving denied Vivek's allegation and said he would issue a detailed denial on his return.

Arbaaz denied that his elder brother had threatened Oberoi and dismissed his allegations as 'false and baseless'.
"Salman is a bigger star than Vivek. To become a star everyone in the industry is targetting Salman," Arbaaz told reporters in Mumbai.
He said that Vivek might be in love with Rai, a former Miss World, who was earlier close to Salman.

Salman threatened me: Vivek Oberoi
Rediff com April 1@2003@Priyanka Nair in Mumbai

Vivek Oberoi called a press conference on Tuesday where he claimed he had received threats from Salman Khan.
Salman, he alleged, had threatened to 'kill' him.
The actor said Salman called him on his cell phone throughout the night of March 29, accusing him of "physical relationships with Aishwarya Rai, Diya Mirza, Rani Mukherjee and Somy Ali, whom I met some seven years ago."
Oberoi said Salman was drunk, abusive and threatened to come to his house and assault him. Salman called him 41 times that night, he added.
The actor had to fly down to Chennai on March 30. He said his friend Kshitij Mehta called and asked him not to return to Mumbai, as Salman's bodyguards were enquiring about his whereabouts.
Oberoi then decided to return immediately to Mumbai and take matters into hishands. Salman, he said, was mentally disturbed and needed help.
He now plans to lodge a case with the police against Salman.
Oberoi then decided to return immediately to Mumbai and take matters into his hands. Salman, he said, was mentally disturbed and needed help.
He now plans to lodge a case with the police against Salman.

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