Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye

Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaaye
Nov.17, 2000
Director: K Murali Mohan Rao - Producer: Narendra Bajaj
Music: Himesh Reshammiya - Lyrics: Sudhakar Sharma, Rajesh Malik

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee, Raveena Tandon
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Story Bollywood World
Kahin Pyar Na HO Jaaye - Try living without Love
A wild story says there was one major attack on the lovers of the world (just imagine this world without all the our lovers, world madly in love with and therefore tries its best to save from all attacks, all its enemies, especially all those who hate or harm love and all those who try their worst to destroy the greatest feeling God... (more...)

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A sneak peek at the roles of various characters in the movie
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Salman Khan
He is Prem. He is fond of music and plays the role of a singer. He earns his livelihood by performing at parties, shows and weddings. His only ambition in life is to become a well-known singer. He resides with his sister Nilu (Kashmira Shah) and her husband (Mohnish Behl).

Rani Mukherjee
She is Priya, an independent girl and a videographer, who comes to Bombay from Pune with the intention of making money to cover the cost of her marriage. She wants to fend for herself and make arrangements to meet her wedding expenses so that she does not have to depend on her mother for anything.
Pooja Batra
She is Mona, a model by profession. Her aim is to become a well-known actress. She is Priya's cousin and assists her in achieving her goal of earning money by approaching Prem to allow Priya to join his group as she is a videographer by profession.
Jackie Shroff
He is Tiger, Prem's friend, who organises various kinds of shows. He has always been by Prem's side in all his good and bad times. He has stood by him in his ambition to make big in the world of music. He falls in love with Mona but she does not respond.
Kashmira Shah
She is Nilu, Prem's sister. She is the mother of two kids, a boy and a girl. The boy is a very big fan of Michael Jackson to the extent that he calls himself Michael. The girl in turn wants to become a V.J.
Mohnish Behl
He is Nilu's husband and a member of Prem's band. He is a husband who is very scared of his wife and always ends up doing the wrong things at the right time.
Inder Kumar
He is a wealthy NRI from America. He comes to Bombay with the intention of getting married. He wants to marry an Indian girl whom he can take back to his parents in America.

Shakti Kapoor
He is a pandit and has 4 children. He is very close to all the characters in the film. He is also an astrologer who strongly believes in destiny. He always keeps on predicting the right things.
And regarding Raveena's role in the movie, should we reveal the suspense? Watch the movie on the big screen.

Music Review RadioSagam.com

The soundtrack to the latest Salman Khan / Rani Mukherjee starrer, Kahin Pyar Na Ho Jaye, has hit record shops across the globe with much fanfare. Produced by newcomer Himesh Reshammiya, will it succeed in catapulting the music director into the top league?
The album starts with the title track, sung by the popular duo Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu. It's a fantastic way to get things going! The song starts with the nice and soothing voice of Alka Yagnik, which is always a pleasure to listen to. The tempo of the song is neatly composed. Kumar Sanu supports Alka really well and the vocals are quite touching. He sounds much more like the Sanu of the old - from the golden days of Aashique and Saajan. Let's just hope he can keep it up. Good on you Sanu! This song is one that can be listened to again and again, and a song that will be played on many radio stations 5 years down the road....more

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